Simone Nguyen will be one of the castaways competing on the 35th season of Survivor dubbed Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Simone is a 25-year-old diversity advocate from Worcester, MA who currently resides in New York, NY. She will be a member of the Hustlers tribe called "Yawa" on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, which premieres September 27 on CBS.

Survivor's new season will feature 18 castaways divided into three tribes, each comprised of six people, who possess similar characteristics that represent their profession or reputation, and how they are perceived by others. The other two tribes are "Levu" (Heroes) and "Soko" (Healers).

"Heroes: They are heralded for their courage, their achievements, and ideals for which they stand," longtime host Jeff Probst said in a Season 35 preview clip that aired during the reunion of last season's Survivor: Game Changers.

"[Healers] receive gratitude for their acts of service in helping people heal their emotional and physical pain. [Hustlers] are respected for their work ethic -- 'Get it done, no matter what.' They stop at nothing to achieve their goals."

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Simone Nguyen:

- Simone is proud of the fact she earned full-ride scholarships to Columbia, Harvard and Tufts.

- When comparing herself to former Survivor castaways, she would choose Tai Trang from Kaoh Rong because she's like bamboo in the wind and Michaela Bradshaw from Millennials vs. Gen X because she enjoys judging everyone.

- Simone considers herself a lucky girl who is unafraid to make consequential decisions that affect others.

- Her inspiration in life is her mentor and friend Susan Shin, who is a successful businesswoman and attorney in NYC.

Susan apparently overcame a lot of adversity in her life and is one of the most talented and kind people Simone has ever met.

- Simone enjoys doing yoga as well as volunteering and complaining.

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