Ryan Ulrich will be competing on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, the 35th season of Survivor which airs this fall and will premiere September 27 on CBS.

Ryan is a 23-year-old bellhop from North Arlington, NJ. He will be a member of the Hustlers tribe called "Yawa."

Survivor's new season will feature 18 castaways divided into three tribes, each comprised of six people, who possess similar characteristics that represent their profession or reputation, and how they are perceived by others. The other two tribes are "Levu" (Heroes) and "Soko" (Healers).

"Heroes: They are heralded for their courage, their achievements, and ideals for which they stand," longtime host Jeff Probst said in a preview clip of Season 35 that aired during the reunion of last season's Survivor: Game Changers.

"[Healers] receive gratitude for their acts of service in helping people heal their emotional and physical pain. [Hustlers] are respected for their work ethic -- 'Get it done, no matter what.' They stop at nothing to achieve their goals."

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Ryan Ulrich:

- Ryan's hobbies include watching sports, singing and listening to karaoke, and playing the harmonica.

- He has worked a lot of jobs, but he's most proud of his internships with both houses of Congress, and the British Consulate. He also aspires to attend law school.

- Ryan's inspiration in life is New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning because his toughness is admirable and he never missed a game in his entire NFL career. Ryan also appreciates his humble demeanor and the fact he takes responsibility for a team loss. Eli supplied Ryan with some of the best moments of his life.

- Ryan has a few pet peeves -- smoking, political correctness, and people who lack passion.

- If Ryan could bring three things with him to the island, he'd choose a sports visor to block the sun but also allow the top of his head to get an island breeze, a McDonald's Shamrock Shake because they are seasonal and he buys one at every opportunity, and a podium so he could give press conferences no one would probably care about.

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