Shayne Lamas has been released from the hospital after about a week following a pregnancy complication which resulted in a miscarriage.

"Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I've cried reading the expression of generosity and warmth from everyone. I'm out of ICU at Mission Viejo Hospital. I cannot thank the medical staff here enough for not giving up on me," Lamas said in a statement obtained by Us Weekly on Thursday.

The 28-year-old former Leave it to Lamas star and The Bachelor: London Calling bachelorette was 16 weeks pregnant when she collapsed in her California home and was admitted to the intensive care unit of an undisclosed hospital on February 9. She reportedly suffered from internal bleeding around her uterus and lost her baby boy after undergoing emergency surgery.

Lamas, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, has been married to husband Nik Richie since April 2010 and the couple welcomed their two-year-old daughter Press Dahl in November 2011.

"Thank you to my father and his wife, my mother, my sisters, my grandmother and New York family, my husband's family, and to my husband for never leaving my side. Nik, your strength can never be measured. I love you," Lamas continued.

"To everyone out there, please donate blood. You can save a life like mine. In loving memory of my son, Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie."

Lamas and Richie, whose real name is Hooman Karamian, decided to name their unborn son Rex because Richie had always wanted a boy with that name. They also chose Jagger in honor of the musician Mick Jagger, according to TMZ.

"You saved your mother's life with your passing and I will never forget how much this means to me, R.J.," a grieving Richie wrote in a letter to his late son obtained by TMZ.

"In family, we sacrifice for each other. You gave your life for us. You showed me how to love. I need you to know that I held you, spoke to you, kissed you and that you'll be remembered. You are perfect. You will always be my son. I'm proud of you, always. I love you, Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie."

Lamas was previously engaged to the former The Bachelor: London Calling star Matt Grant after accepting his final rose and a marriage proposal during the show's pre-taped May 2008 finale. However, the pair split two months later after a report that Lamas had cheated on Grant in Vegas -- where Lamas ironically had married Richie -- surfaced.