Sa'Rayah was eliminated from The Voice when the eleventh season's Top 11 artists were determined Tuesday night on NBC.

Sa'Rayah, a 28-year-old from Chicago, IL who currently resides in Country Club Hills, IL, landed in the bottom two with Aaron Gibson, a 25-year-old from Atlanta, GA who currently resides in Kennesaw, GA, based on home viewer votes cast following Monday night's Top 12 performance show.

After both artists sang a survival song, America tweeted via the show's "Instant Save" format to keep Aaron in the competition. Sa'Rayah was on The Voice coach Alicia Keys' team, while Aaron continues to represent Miley Cyrus' team going forward.

During a Wednesday conference call, Sa'Rayah talked to reporters about her time on The Voice. Below is what she had to say.

Do you have any regrets looking back at your journey on The Voice, something you would have done differently?

Sa'Rayah: I actually don't. I don't have any regrets. I feel like I have done everything that I can. I guess one thing that I wish could have taken place is that I could have shown the different side of my voice. I'm capable of a lot more than what I've been able to show thus far.

Everything has catered to the strength in my voice like being a powerhouse, but I do also have another part of my voice that I love to share and I didn't’' really have that opportunity through the songs that I sang thus far to show that different element.

And if anything, that would be the only thing that I regret, that I didn't show that much sooner. But other than that, I'm very happy with the experience overall and I feel like there's nothing that I could have done to change last night's fate. But, you know, I do appreciate all that's happened thus far.

Are you going to continue the "love only movement" that you've established beyond The Voice? And do you feel that the events leading up to you having to create the movement was the reason why you were in the bottom?

Sa'Rayah: You know what, I kind of, I do feel like yes, to answer your question, the love only movement, this has been just the beginning of that. It's very much [new], so we'll continue on because it's very necessary.

And I'm glad to have even been the one to begin such a powerful and awesome movement because it's going to be relevant in so many different ways for so many different people. You know, it goes beyond the voice. It goes beyond singing.

It's something that, it goes beyond me. It's something that everyone has need for and I'm glad I have been able to start it for the event leading up to it with Michael Sanchez, the battle against Michael Sanchez.
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I do feel like in a lot of ways people that were onboard for Michael -- which is a lot of people who were onboard for him and really rooting for him -- to them, I'm the reason he's gone and they hated me for that. A lot of them hated me for that.

You know, and I do feel that had an in effect on me moving forward, and I say that because even the videos that I've done after, you know, the songs that I've done after, you would see some of his followers commenting on those songs that they just wish it was him. You know, so yes, I do think it has an effect on that hopefully.

Looking back, what are your favorite memories of being on the show?

Sa'Rayah: Well, my favorite memories, I think that the relationships I've established with the people there -- both the staff on the show and also my close friends and the other contestants. I feel like the times that we come together and us just really growing in this process together has created a huge memory for me that will be everlasting.

You know, I've established some friendships that are going to be here forever now and I think that those are the memories, the memories that we've had together growing in this process is what I'll cherish.

Were there any contestants in particular that you bonded with the most?

Sa'Rayah: Yes, you know I had a great bond with Aaron, you know, especially after we were paired together for the battle. We established a great friendship and every time I saw him I just lit up. I lit up to see him because he's such a sweet and humble spirit.

So he's definitely one that I had a strong connection with. I had established a connection with Ali Caldwell because we were roommates and, you know we were together a lot because of that. Jason Warrior, we shared, we were both Chicago natives and we always stuck by that.

You know, and [Dana Harper], is somebody that also I was connected to. And Courtney Harrell. We shared similarities spiritually and we're very spiritually in tune with one another.

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