Deemed to have improved the most of any of the remaining girls but still not have improved enough to make it any further in the competition, Sara Albert, a 22-year-old student from Davis, CA, became the tenth girl eliminated from the sixth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of the UPN reality show.

Top Model 6's eleventh episode began with the four remaining girls returning back the house after Furonda Brasfield was sent home during last episode's elimination ceremony. Although she had managed to survive landing in the ceremony's bottom two for a fourth time, Jade Cole was growing frustrated. "I don't belong there, man... what is going on?," Jade, already a supermodel in her own mind, vented. Meanwhile, friction began to grow between Sara and the other three finalists, with some of the other girls -- Joanie Dodds in particular -- beginning to resent the fact that Sara, a modeling newcomer who had been discovered in a mall, had made it so far into the competition.

The next morning, following a lesson on Thai customs from designer Pichita Rucksajit, the girls embarked on individual go-see opportunities in which they met with renowned Thai designers who judged their knowledge of Thai customs and modeling skills. Sara felt confident in her awareness of Thai customs, but the pressure of the go-see opportunity caused her to tense up, allowing her nerves to outshine her potential as a model.

In the end, the designers decided that since traffic jams had forced all four of the girls to arrive late, none of them would be declared the challenge's winner. The decision was particularly bad news for Danielle Mahoney, who the judges revealed would otherwise have been deemed the winner. As her prize, Danielle would have received an entire wardrobe of the designers' clothes. Needless to say, Danielle was disappointed.

The following day the girls set off for the island of Phuket. Once there, they posed in OP Swimwear amongst the wind and waves for an Amp'd Mobile ad photographed by Nigel Barker. Just as she had the previous day, Sara once again appeared tense in front of the camera and had difficulty connecting her facial expressions with her initial sultry poses. "Good models have to be comfortable with themselves," Nigel said eluding to Sara's awkwardness.

After returning back to Bangkok, it was time for another elimination ceremony. Following a review of each girl's go-see photos, the judges began their deliberations. After finishing their deliberations and calling the girls back into the room, Tyra Banks announced that first Joanie and then Jade had survived another round -- leaving Danielle and Sara as the week's bottom two.

Although the judges still had concerns about Danielle's country accent and all of the girls still had grounds for improvement, the judges had decided that while she had improved the most, Sara wasn't standing out and her photos appeared unprofessional.

"The judges look at you as the most improved girl here... but the judges are now saying 'has she improved enough?,'" Tyra explained to Sara before eliminating her from the competition.