Deemed to "just not get it," Furonda Brasfield, a 24-year-old student from Stuttgart, AR, became the ninth girl eliminated from the sixth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of the UPN reality show.

Top Model 6's tenth episode began with the five remaining girls returning back the house after Nnenna Agba was sent home during last episode's elimination ceremony. Having been the other member of the week's bottom two girls, Furonda was (in retrospect, rightly so) worried about her role in the competition. Meanwhile, now that Nnenna was gone, Joanie Dodds became the latest girl to grow upset with Jade Cole's diva behavior.

The next morning, the girls arrived at Thailand's Patravadi Theatre where to help enhance their grace as models, they learned the strong and elegant body movements of Thai classical dance. While most of the girls found the lesson challenging, Furonda had the most difficulty and became frustrated by the complicated Thai dance instruction.

During lunch, Joanne and Jade took their feud to a higher level, with Joanie telling Jade she's too defensive and Jade claiming that Joanie is just jealous. "Even when I sit next to her, all I smell is 'Bitch," Joanie later vented. Meanwhile Danielle Mahoney, who had previously complained of migraines during the girls' dance lesson, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in pain

Despite Danielle's absence, the girls proceeded with their next challenge -- to put their dancing ability to the test by performing in front of a large audience comprised of dance experts, a small judging panel, and Thai spectators. Although the challenge judges agreed that Furonda's performance was entertaining, they felt she didn't capture the essence of the dance and needed to pay more attention to the techniques. In the end, Joanie was judged to be the challenge's winner, allowing her and the girl of her choosing to have dinner with Elle Thailand publishing director Siri Udomritthruj, who will also be serving as the week's guest judge. Noting that like herself, Sara has never previously experienced the joy of winning a challenge, Joanie selected Sara to join her for the dinner. Somewhat surprisingly, Sara wasn't too happy about the honor, feeling that Joanie only picked her out of pity.

Later that evening, Danielle, still hospitalized and since diagnosed with dehydration, decided to override her doctor's recommendation and check herself out of the hospital and rejoin the competition.

The next day, Jay Manuel greeted the girls for a photo shoot for Venus Vibrance razors where each had to showcase the smoothness of their legs against the rough skin of an elephant. Once again, Furonda's nerves seemed to get the best of her causing her photos to appear rigid and uncomfortable. "Furonda looked beautiful," Jay said after the shoot. "But as soon as Furonda felt that she had to pose, she turned her jaw into it and she got stiff."

During the week's elimination ceremony, the girls were challenged to demonstrate three emotions while wearing a traditional Thai mask, forcing them to use the skills they had learned about body movement. After finishing their deliberations and calling the girls back into the room, Tyra announced that Joanne had survived another round, followed by Sara Albert and Danielle -- leaving Jade and Furonda as the week's bottom two.

In the end, although the judges had grown to enjoy Furonda's enthusiastic spirit and personality, they also felt that her lack of grace and presence could no longer be ignored. "The judges see a great personality, somebody that's fun and endearing. But someone that doesn't quite get it," Tyra explained to Furonda before eliminating her from the competition.