Ryan Seacrest's production company is apparently onboard in developing a previously reported primetime reality series starring actress Denise Richards.

"I found it to be very, very clever and very interesting.  We've been in talks about doing a series for her." the American Idol host told Extra in a Wednesday report.  

Earlier this week, reports began to surface that Richards -- the 36-year-old Wild Things and Starship Troopers star -- had a deal in place for a primetime reality series that would focus on her "picking up the pieces of her life after her mother's death."  Richards' mom passed away on December 1 due to cancer.

"It would be about her, if we do this, and her life, and what she wants to do with it, with her career," Seacrest told the syndicated entertainment news show.  "She's really an interesting personality and person." 

However Richards had a hurdle to clear if she wanted her two young children to co-star with her in the show, as her ex-husband Charlie Sheen refused to allow the divorced couple's two daughters -- 3-year-old Sam and 2-year-old Lola -- to appear onscreen.

Despite Sheens' objection due to what he felt was "exploitative of the children for the mother's own vanity and greed," Richards reportedly got the okay in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday to allow the two children to appear in the show.

The hearing was closed to the public, and some unknown "general ground rules" and "certain restrictions" were reportedly put in place.

"I don't know that the kids will necessarily be involved," Seacrest told Extra.  "I haven't spoken to Charlie.  That's up to them."

Richards and Sheen wed in June 2002 before filing for divorce from the actor in March 2005 when she was six-months pregnant with Lola.  While the couple briefly reconciled, they moved forward with their divorce last January and it was finalized in November.

Ryan Seacrest Productions currently co-produces E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality series, which the network renewed for a second-season.  In addition, Seacrest's production company also produced E!'s Spring 2007 Paradise City reality series.