Denise Richards is apparently making sure that Charlie Sheen won't be seen at all on her new E! reality series.

The 37-year-old actress and single mom visited a tattoo parlor over the weekend and had her "Charlie" tattoo changed into a fairy with cameras rolling to capture the moment for her new reality series, Richards' representative told People in a Monday report.

In addition, Richards was also in family court on Friday and requested her maiden name be legally restored from "Denise Sheen," People reported.

Ryan Seacrest Productions will produce the series, which is scheduled to debut this summer and follow Richards as she "navigates Hollywood, romance and motherhood," according to E!.

Before E! formally announced it had ordered the show last month, Sheen refused to allow the divorced couple's two daughters -- 3-year-old Sam and 2-year-old Lola -- to appear onscreen.

Despite Sheens' objection due to what he felt was "exploitative of the children for the mother's own vanity and greed," Richards got the okay in Los Angeles Superior Court to allow the two children to appear in the show.

"How we deal with it really is up to her and Charlie," Seacrest told People.  "If she wants them to be a part of it, and if its okay, then great. If not, that's her call. It really is up to her."

The hearing was closed to the public, and some unknown "general ground rules" and "certain restrictions" were put in place for the children to appear on the show.

"This series is about her life and what she is doing with it. It's her call," reiterated Seacrest to People.  "She's an executive producer on the show, so I'll leave it to her."

Richards and Sheen's divorce was finalized in November, and while Seacrest didn't offer any details, he said that Richards recently dipped her toe in the dating pool.

"I can tell you she is on a blind date tonight," the American Idol host told People.