With a final weight loss figure that represented more than the total body weight of most of the skeletal young women competing on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search, NBC's other currently airing reality competition series, Ryan Benson was crowned The Biggest Loser's winner during last night's live finale broadcast of the series.

Ryan, a 36-year-old from Spokane, Washington who works in DVD production, began the show weighing 330 pounds. During last evening's final live weigh-in he weighed in at 208 pounds, giving him a total weight loss amount of 122 pounds that represented 37% of his original weight. Combined with his loss of 18% of his body fat index measurement, the total catapulted Ryan to victory over follow finalists Kelly Minner and Gary Deckman. In addition to his much healthier new body, Ryan also receives a $250,000 cash prize for being as The Biggest Loser's most successful loser.

Gary, a 40-year-old from Brooklyn, New York who finished as The Biggest Loser's runner-up, weighed in at 156 during the finale -- a 71 pound drop from his initial weight of 227 pounds. While his 31% weight loss was actually the lowest of the three finalists, his 23% reduction of his body fat index was the largest of the three finalists, giving him a combined total score of 54 that trailed Ryan's total score by only one point.

Kelly, a 28-year-old teacher from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, had began the reality series at 242 pounds. She weighed in at 163 pounds during the finale, giving her a final weight loss of 79 pounds. While she actually lost a higher percentage of her total body weight (33%) than Gary, her loss only represented a 17% reduction in her body fat measurement, giving her a combined total score of 50 -- a figure that placed her third in the The Biggest Loser's final standings.

The Biggest Loser's twelve contestants combined to lose more than 750 pounds as a result of their participation on the show. Looking to stretch the ratings of the surprisingly successful reality show for one more week, NBC will air one final additional episode of the The Biggest Loser next Tuesday -- a second pre-filmed (it's scheduled to film today) final weigh-in ceremony featuring the show's nine previously eliminated non-finalist contestants. Similar to last night's finale, the non-finalist group's biggest loser will be awarded a $100,000 consolation prize.

The Biggest Loser 2, a sequel to the series, has already been announced and is, according to comments made by Loser hostess Caroline Rhea during last night's finale broadcast, still currently casting. The network hopes to have it ready for broadcast by spring.