Robby Hayes' Bachelor in Paradise participation was apparently long overdue in the bachelor's mind.

Robby revealed he really wanted to appear on Bachelor in Paradise last summer after being dumped by JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette but wasn't granted the opportunity, Us Weekly reported.

"It was kind of hard for me after getting my heart broken in front of national television -- not to mention blindsided because I didn't see that happening -- but then I had to sit at home and watch my friends go on not only Bachelor in Paradise, but Men Tell All," Robby vented to Us.

Robby, a 28-year-old social media influencer and former pro swimmer from Florida, finished The Bachelorette's twelfth season as JoJo's runner-up behind her current fiance, Jordan Rodgers.

"I mean, [The Men Tell All] is something where everyone gets back together with [JoJo], and only the Top 2 don't get to. I didn't get to do that. I just sat on my thumbs, even though I knew at that point I wasn't JoJo's final pick," Robby explained.

"And then, you know, they all went on Paradise and were having a great time, meeting girls, having fun. And I'm sitting at home repairing my broken heart with my family. And it was tough."

Robby suggested that appearing on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this year was pretty much a no-brainer considering his heart was fully mended and he was ready to find love again.

"I think that's why going on Paradise this season was an easier answer," Robby continued.

"[Last year] it was something like, 'Damn, I wish I was out there.' You know? Like this time, it was like, 'Let me get my swagger back. Let me get back on the ball, let me get back on the horse.' It was something I didn't get to do."

Robby, who appears to be currently dating Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite Amanda Stanton, explained that he had received all the closure he needed from his whirlwind romance and split with JoJo last year.

"I said everything I need to say [to her]," said Robby, who calls himself "America's Ken Doll."

"I asked her parents' permission. I did all the things that a person ready for the next step would have done. And it didn't work out. That's fine. I am thankful because I am where I am now and they're both happy. And I care not only for JoJo, but for Jordan. He was my best friend during that whole process and I'm happy for him."

On Bachelor in Paradise 4, Robby first went out on a date with Nick Viall's runner-up Raven Gates; however, she didn't seem interested in pursuing a relationship with him any further.

Robby and Amanda then began hitting it off in Mexico, and the single mom gave him a rose at the first ceremony.