Rob Kardashian took to his Instagram on Friday to show support for this half-sister Kylie Jenner and her new business venture, Kylie Lipkit.

The reclusive Kardashian rarely posts on the site. He has stayed out of the spotlight since he gained more than 100 pounds in 2011, the year after his appearance on Season 13 of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2011.

His mother Kris Jenner, gave an update on her only son Tuesday on "Conversations with Maria Menounos" on SiriusXM, and said she saw him on Thanksgiving.

"He lives with Khloe," she said. "So he was around, and then went over to a buddy's house. He's doing alright. You know, he's doing his best. He's not into being on camera as much as the rest of us. But he's working on himself. He's going to be okay."

The photo featured Kardashian's bulldog on his laptop looking at the website for Kylie's lip products with the caption: "I guess someone is disappointed they didn't get Kylie's lipkit!!!! Don't worry buddy more coming soon!"

Kylie Lipkit, which comes in three signature shades, sold out in minutes, but more will be released before Christmas.