The attorney for "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch says producers promised to pay his taxes if he kept quiet about cheating on the hit CBS reality show.

Hatch is on trial in federal court in Providence, R.I., for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million prize, earnings from a radio show and money he allegedly diverted from a charity for his own use.

His attorney, Michael Minns, asked the federal judge during a break Friday if Hatch could testify about the alleged deal with "Survivor" producers, who allegedly promised to take care of the tax issues if he kept his mouth shut, The New York Post reported Saturday.

There was no immediate ruling on the request and Hatch is scheduled to take the stand again Monday.

Minns claimed Hatch caught friends of other contestants sneaking food onto the island. He said he did not partake in the cheating.

A spokesman for "Survivor" executive producer Mark Burnett said he could not comment. CBS also had no comment, The Post said.