Survivor's first-season winner, Richard Hatch, has split from his husband. 

Richard announced Thursday on Twitter that he's calling it quits on his marriage of 14 years to Emiliano Cabral.

"I'M LOOKING FOR LOVE! If you think I'm the guy for you or for someone you know, please let me know," Richard tweeted.

"I prefer to share the journey in partnership, and sadly, my 14-year marriage has ended. Mr. Right will have to be bright enough to be kind. Thanks for your help in finding him."

Richard and Emiliano broke up two months ago and will be getting a divorce, TMZ reported.

Richard, 56, reportedly told the website that Emiliano Cabral, 42, met someone else -- much younger.

Emiliano is now allegedly dating a man in his 30s.

Richard told TMZ that he's devastated by the turn of events but will continue to live his life and look for love again.

The former Survivor castaway and his soon-to-be ex-husband got married in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2005.

However, Richard and Emiliano reportedly first exchanged vows in a private, intimate ceremony amongst themselves in 2003.

Richard won $1 million after being crowned the "Sole Survivor" of Survivor: Borneo back in 2000. Richard defeated the runner-up, Kelly Wiglesworth, by only one jury vote.

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