Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian featured one girl, Liz, transforming her life physically, mentally and emotionally, while the other participant got kicked off the show during Thursday night's episode on E!

Revenge Body host Khloe Kardashian gained the tools from her divorce from Lamar Odom to develop a stronger mind, body and soul. She set out to change others' lives whom she can relate to, as she had been criticized growing up as being the "fat and funny" Kardashian sister.

While the premise of the show is to seek revenge on a person who has caused hurt or insecurity, the participants tend to realize quickly in their weight-loss journeys that it's really about bettering themselves, gaining confidence and growing stronger -- not about impressing others.

"Let's make our haters our biggest motivators," Khloe had said in the premiere.

In the first season's third episode, viewers became acquainted with Liz, a former trained athlete from a small Pennsylvania town whose parents tragically died one year apart from one another when she was in high school. After her parents died, Liz gained about 20 pounds, but she later got back into shape for college.

Liz, however, lost her way when she was raped her junior year of college after going to a nightclub. She became depressed and found food as her outlet, so it wasn't long before she gained 70 pounds.

Liz wanted revenge on her haters and the one person in her life who truly hurt her, the rapist. However, she also wanted to make her older sister proud since Meghan stepped up to be a mother figure in her life early on.

Khloe hired Simone De La Rue as Liz's trainer, but Liz did not take to the workout well. Since Simone was a professional dancer whose techniques are dance and movement-related, Liz was worried the process wouldn't work for her since she's used to exercising in a gym with weights and flipping tires and such.

But Simone promised Liz that she would kick her butt, and in no time, Liz acknowledged the trainer knew what she was doing. In fact, Simone's weight loss was so great that she couldn't believe she had ever questioned or doubted the trainer in the slightest. Liz utilized jump ropes, trampolines and dance in her workouts.

Simone later met with Cynthia Pasquella, a certified nutrition consultant who has worked with Kim Kardashian and Charlize Theron. Cynthia, who had been molested by a family member at age five, taught Simone to forgive her assailant in order to truly move on. The deep conversation removed a huge emotional weight off Liz's shoulders.

Liz immediately embraced a meal plan in which she could only eat whole foods -- not processed ones -- and supplement her diet with fats in order to avoid sugar cravings. Simone even taught her to put butter in her coffee, which was a surprise to Liz and viewers at home.

Afterward, Nurse Jamie, a beauty expert who has dealt with stars such as Giuliani Rancic, removed imperfections, like spider veins, from Liz's legs. She then received a white cocktail dress from Shun Melson, who has worked with R&B singers including Monica.
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In the end, Liz lost 45 inches around her entire body, including about eight inches off her waist alone. Liz lost 30 pounds and finally felt like herself again -- a confident, positive and funny woman.

After getting her makeup done by Khloe's team as well as a shorter, blonder haircut, Liz had her reveal at a rooftop party in Hollywood. Liz's sister was taken aback by the transformation and ultimately beamed with pride.

In a post-show update, Liz quit her job and became Simone's assistant. She has clearly lost more wait since filming. 

The second storyline of the episode belonged to Sukhda from India. She was raised like a princess in that she had a maid, watchman and personal chef. But when she went off to college in the United States, Sukhda realized she couldn't do much on her own so she would always order takeout, mostly cheese pizza, and take cabs around the city rather than walking anywhere.

Sukhda revealed she's always been a big girl but her weight really started to bother her once her mother and friends started pointing out she was "obese." She called her loved ones "evil" in that regard. Sukhda therefore wanted revenge on her friends and critical mother, but she also just wanted to lose the weight for herself.

Khloe paired Sukhda up with a trainer named Latreal Mitchell, who is known for not putting up with any crap. Khloe anticipated Sukhda might act entitled and want to give up on occasion, so she placed the participant in a trainer's hands who is tough as nails.

Sukhda was 40 minutes late to her first workout, and it appeared she was never punctual. Although Sukhda eventually put effort into her exercise routine, she went home and ate junk, such as cinnamon rolls. She was advised to eat no dairy or sugar -- only protein and complex carbohydrates.

It was clear Sukhda wasn't following her plan at home, so although she lost 12 pounds in six weeks, she gained about five pounds back again. Latreal was pissed off and said she "didn't sign up for this." The trainer naturally wanted an invested participant who tries hard in all aspects of the weight-loss plan.

As a result, Latreal sat down with Khloe and explained that Sukhda wasn't putting in the work. Latreal suspected the girl just went on the show to hopefully get famous because she acted differently when cameras were or weren't around.

Khloe was disappointed in Sukhda's lack of progress because the reality TV star hoped she would prove her wrong. Khloe didn't want to be proven right that Sukhda had a bad attitude and acted entitled.

Khloe acknowledged there can't always be a happy ending on her show, and so Latreal later informed Sukhda that her transformation party has been canceled and there would no longer be a big reveal.

Latreal accused Sukhda of not doing what she was supposed to at home, and the participant expressed how being questioned by the trainer was "f-cking offensive."

Sukhda's journey on Revenge Body ended badly, however in a post-show update, she found that she loves hot yoga and has since dropped three dress sizes. Sukhda hopes to become a plus-size model in the future.