Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian premiered on E! with two people transforming their lives physically, mentally and emotionally as a way to seek revenge on those who have hurt them.

However, it didn't take long for these individuals to realize the journey was really about bettering themselves, gaining confidence and growing stronger -- not about impressing others.

Revenge Body host Khloe Kardashian gained the tools from her divorce from Lamar Odom to develop a stronger mind, body and soul. She set out to change others' lives whom she can relate to, as she had been criticized growing up as being the chubby and/or less-attractive Kardashian sister.

"Let's make our haters our biggest motivators," Khloe said.

First up was Will, a man who described his younger years as "gay, fat and braces." He was teased and bullied badly as a kid, and recently, his boyfriend Kyle broke up with him because he's no longer attracted to him. The worst Will felt about himself, the more he ate, and he wanted revenge on Kyle.

Khloe gave Will her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, to work with over the course of 12 weeks. He was also given her nutritionist, Dr. Goglia, who informed Will his body was made up of 36.7% fat at the beginning of this journey.

Will got off to a rough start. He found out Kyle had been cheating on him throughout their entire relationship, and in order to celebrate a friend's birthday, Will went out drinking and woke up with a hangover. Will missed his first workout with Gunnar because he wasn't feeling well.

However, Will decided to put his health and happiness first. He trained hard and ate healthy, and after 12 weeks, Will lost 55 pounds of fat and converted it into 23 pounds of muscle.

Will's big reveal was at a rooftop party in Hollywood designed to show off his new and improved look to Kyle. Will wanted Kyle to realize what he was missing.

However, Kyle never showed up to the party. Will eventually realized it's better not to have Kyle in his life and cried tears of joy when his sweet mother attended the party.

In a recent update, Will continued to lose weight after the show and is now down 52 pounds. He also has a new boyfriend who just so happens to be an ex of Kyle's.

The second storyline of the episode belonged to Stephanie, a girl who claimed she's always been the "designated ugly fat friend" in her group, otherwise known as "duff." Stephanie said she has supermodel friends and men never look at her when they go out together.
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When Stephanie looked at herself in the mirror she saw endless flaws and imperfections, from her thin hair to her neck size. Stephanie wanted revenge on her childhood best friend, Miranda, who made Stephanie feel overweight and insecure. Miranda allegedly told Stephanie to her face that she was fat and didn't look good in certain clothing.

Stephanie's goal was to see Miranda again while wearing a bikini, and she hoped to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Khloe enlisted Luke Milton as Stephanie's trainer, and the girl started out at 172.2 pounds. Stephanie also struggled with acne, so Khloe hooked her up with celebrity dermatologist Christie Kidd.

With six weeks left to go, Stephanie weighed 160 pounds. And at the end of the 12 weeks, she weighed 145.2 pounds. Stephanie dropped 27 pounds overall.

Khloe's stylist Jason Bolden helped Stephanie pick out the perfect bikini for her big reveal, and the swimsuit apparently came from Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner's collection.

Stephanie's big reveal was a pool party in Hollywood. Khloe's style team did her hair, makeup and nails. She rocked cute poolside accessories, including sunglasses and a sexy robe.

Miranda's mouth dropped when she saw Stephanie walk out for the first time, and the girls eventually talked things out and became friends again. Miranda explained she was struggling with her own insecurities and immaturity when she treated Stephanie poorly.

In an update, Stephanie lost another 10 pounds since her reveal and she's currently dating.