While the exact content of Graham Bunn's hand-written letter to The Bachelorette fourth-season star DeAnna Pappas is still unknown, it reportedly included the news that he had feelings for another woman.

"He gave DeAnna a note saying he loved someone else," a source told Us Weekly in the magazine's August 4 issue. 

During a post-The Bachelorette interview with reporters, Bunn discredited rumors he tried to quit the show and was convinced to stick around for the Rose Ceremony that led to his elimination.  However, according to the source, there apparently was some truth to the rumors.

"[He] asked to be taken off because he was dating a soap star," the source told Us.

The contents of the letter Bunn gave to Pappas was a hot topic among The Bachelorette fans after his ouster -- however ABC didn't allow him to divulge the exact nature of it when speaking to reporters and only stated it was "a way to open up" and a "goodbye" to Pappas.

"What I wanted to leave her as a lasting impression of me as a person more so than me as someone that she can never get to open up or get out of me what she needed," Bunn told Reality TV World at the time. 

"And it was just something that I felt like she needed to hear or needed to read.  I knew that if that was the time for me to go, that I might not be able to put into words everything I wanted to say in the brief amount of time that I was given."

Pappas subsequently told reporters that the letter was "just a really nice note."

"It was just Graham telling me his feelings for me and just expressing that he felt very lucky to have met me and I would always hold a special place in his heart and he was hoping that we could always be friends," she told reporters during a conference call prior to The Bachelorette's finale last month.

While Pappas presented her final rose and accepted a marriage proposal from Jesse Csincsak during The Bachelorette's finale, that apparently hasn't stopped her from trying to rekindle her connection with Bunn.

"[She] still calls Graham, trying to get together," the source told Us.

When reached for comment, Bunn told Us he was not dating anyone during The Bachelorette and Pappas hasn't been attempting to contact him.

"[She] has not tried to get a hold of me," he told Us.

Pappas and Csincsak are currently engaged and plan to wed next May.