Don't look now, but "Romber" plan to start reproducing. 

"[We plan to start a family] not, like, tomorrow soon," Rob Mariano told OK! Weekly about his nearly two year old marriage to the former Amber Brkich.  "But pretty soon." 

Amber says she and Rob have "never been closer," and while they think about having children "all the time," she believes they're relationship is so strong because they've waited to have kids.

"I think it's important when you get married to make you marriage as solid as possible and really enjoy each other before you introduce other family members," Amber told OK!.

The reality TV couple met during the late 2003 filming of Survivor: All-Stars.  The next spring, Rob -- still strategizing until the very last minute -- publicly proposed to her just before Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed that Rob (the other member of Survivor: All-Stars' Final 2) had finished second and Amber had won the show's $1,000,000 grand prize during the show's May 2004 live finale.  Later that year, Rob appeared as the "Player Operator," a secret Charlie's Angels-like telephone voice on UPN's The Player reality dating series.

In 2005, the duo appeared on The Amazing Race 7, where -- in a familiar situation for Rob -- they finished second.  Afterward, they married in April 2005 during a wedding ceremony that served as the basis of a May 2005 CBS reality TV special.  Last year, Rob headlined Sci Fi Investigates, a six-episode Sci Fi Channel reality series that investigated and tried to explain paranormal and supernatural phenomenon. 

Beginning next month, Rob and Amber will simultaneously appear in two different reality series.   Rob & Amber: Against All Odds, a reality series that chronicles the couple's decision to move to Las Vegas and let Rob attempt to fulfill his dream of using their reality TV winnings to become a professional poker player, already premiered on the Fox Reality network earlier this month. On February 18, CBS will premiere The Amazing Race: All-Stars, an all-star edition of the long-running reality show that will feature Rob and Amber will giving The Amazing Race another try.

Should they have kids, a Supernanny appearance and open campaigning for another The Amazing Race: Family Edition installment probably isn't far behind.