Raising Sextuplets mom Jenny McClendon is expecting her ninth child.

Jenny and her new husband Levi McClendon are about to have a baby of their own, adding to the couple's eight children -- six of which are hers and two of which are his.

"I'm writing this as I'm approaching my 28th week [of pregnancy] and I really still feel somewhat speechless," Jenny wrote in a post on Imperfectwomen.com.

"We are SO excited... elated... and still in shock that we are getting to experience this amazing miracle together and add another precious life to our already precious and abundant brood! All 8 children are so excited... I'm so excited for the sextuplets that they get to experience being the 'big' brother or sister."

Jenny and Levi, who had to undergo a reverse vasectomy in order to impregnate Jenny, wed in early March only a week after her divorce from ex-husband and former Raising Sextuplets co-star Bryan Masche became official. Jenny had been trying to get pregnant again for awhile, so the couple is overjoyed and thoroughly anticipating their new little boy's arrival.

"Levi and I are trying to gear up and imagine what life is going to be like in our already busy household with a newborn. In my head I think, 'This is going to be so easy, it's only one!' However, I imagine that even this one is going to give us some sleepless nights and an even crazier household," Jenny wrote.

"At this point we are praying that the next 12 weeks go smoothly and that this sweet little boy will come into this world with a loud cry, rosy cheeks, healthy heart and mind, and a family of 10 ready to embrace him and love him!"

Masche is the biological father of Jenny's five-year-old sextuplets Cole, Molli, Blake, Savannah, Grant, and Bailey. Jenny filed for legal separation from Masche in September 2010.