Rachel Lindsay has revealed why her family was so skeptical of Bryan Abasolo when The Bachelorette star brought him home to Dallas, Texas.

During the latest The Bachelorette episode, Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, was in the hotseat while getting to know Rachel's family. Not only did they grill him with questions and openly doubt his sincerity and love for Rachel, but they also seemed put off by his charm and tact.

Well, according to Rachel, her loved ones had some preconceived notions about Bryan before he even stepped in the front door.

"Bryan was the last guy to meet the Lindsays. I knew my family had already watched Bryan's 'sloppy seconds' comment on Ellen so he had a bit of an uphill battle," Rachel wrote in her People blog.


Rachel appeared on a March broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in which more than a handful of her bachelors stepped onstage and introduced themselves about a week into filming The Bachelorette's thirteenth season.

Bryan -- who gave Rachel her first kiss of the season and then received the First Impression Rose -- noted at the time Rachel was "a great kisser," and after Will Gaskins agreed, Bryan quipped, "He got my sloppy seconds!"

Ellen DeGeneres noted it wasn't smart of Bryan to kiss and tell, but Rachel just laughed the exchange.

In addition to the cringe-worthy "sloppy seconds" remark, Rachel revealed her family was skeptical of Bryan and his intentions because they had conducted some research of their own prior to meeting him.

"What I found out that day is they had also done some snooping online and read some other things about Bryan's past," Rachel explained in her blog. "They caused my family to come off a bit critical from the jump."

While Rachel didn't elaborate on the unflattering "things" her family discovered, the Bachelorette is presumbaly referring to a RadarOnline report from March that Bryan had been accused of insurance fraud by allegedly documenting false medical records, bills and invoices.

Bryan was reportedly sued by All State Insurance Company in March 2016 but the case was dismissed a year later.


In addition, unconfirmed reports that Bryan competed on UPN's The Player reality dating competition in 2004 exist online, however those reports only appear to have surfaced in June -- well after The Bachelorette filmed Bryan's Dallas visit with Rachel's family in late April.

A low-rated reality series which aired on UPN, The Player featured a group of 13 self-described "players" competing to win the heart (or, at least, be the final selection) of a Miami model named Dawn.

The Player's cast included a contestant called Bryan, a 24-year-old long-haired "club promoter from Miami" who finished third in the competition and certainly appears to bare more than a passing resemblance to the now 37-year-old The Bachelorette bachelor.

Rachel said, however, the "things from [Bryan's] past" were not "remotely a concern or relevant" to her.

"One thing I always say is that 'I am chill until I'm not.' And I went right to that place as my family continually questioned how sincere his strong feelings were with me," Rachel wrote.

"Look, I get it. I was initially skeptical of Bryan, too, and made him very aware of that throughout this journey, but we had already worked past that and it wasn't a subject I needed them to revisit all day."

By the time Bryan, Peter and Eric Bigger met the attorney's family, Bryan was the only man to actually say, "I love you," to Rachel.

Of all the bachelors, Bryan consistently expressed how he felt and insisted he meant every word of what was said.


"Luckily, Bryan had more patience with their questions than I did. Seeing how unwavering he was about his hopes for an engagement and how protective of him I got made my family realize the love was real," Rachel gushed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Updated to include an explanation of why Rachel's comments probably weren't a reference to online reports of Bryan's apparent The Player participation.