Rachel Lindsay and Raven Gates are still apparently tight, because The Bachelor girls recently enjoyed a double date with their significant others.

Rachel and Raven, who both competed for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor's 21st season, went on a double date with Bryan Abasolo and Adam Gottschalk, respectively, who both fought for Rachel on The Bachelorette's thirteenth season earlier this year.

Rachel, a Dallas attorney who plans to move to Los Angeles, got engaged to Bryan at the end of her season -- not long after dumping Adam -- while Raven is now dating Adam since the pair met and fell in love on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise in Summer 2017.

On Sunday, the two couples enjoyed a dinner together in Dallas, TX, and they clearly had fun because the outing lasted for hours.

Raven captioned a cute photo of the foursome, "4 hours at a restaurant goes by fast with people I love. I'll always be grateful to Rach for cutting the guy with the doll."

Raven was referring to AJ, the creepy doll Adam brought with him when he introduced himself to Rachel on the first night of filming The Bachelorette. All season long, AJ would pop up on dates in order to provide some laughs for viewers.

And Rachel shared the same picture, writing on her own account, "A doll, a bird, a fire ball & a Colombian walk into a restaurant. #aboutlastnight #bachelornation #datenight #RnB #ifthesewallscouldtalk."

These four individuals definitely have a complicated dating history, but that doesn't seem to stop them from being close.

Rachel and Raven's friendship, however, may come as a bit of a surprise to fans considering there was speculation a couple months back Rachel was angry at her pal for supporting and partying with DeMario Jackson, who got caught for having a girlfriend back home and lying to Rachel when he appeared on her The Bachelorette edition.

DeMario also conducted interviews in which he accused Rachel of being "attracted to white men" and suggested her relationship with Bryan wouldn't last long.

Around the time Raven, Kristina Schulman, Alexis Waters, and Whitney Fransway went clubbing with DeMario and several other guys from Bachelor Nation, Rachel took to Twitter in early September, writing, "These Bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting."

At the time, Rachel added the hashtag "loyalty" to her post. But Rachel flat out tweeted to Wells Adams that she was not mad at her girl Alexis shortly afterwards.

In reply to Rachel's cryptic tweet, DeMario wrote on Instagram that he disagrees Bachelor friendships are "fickle and fleeting" since his "brothers and sisters" got him through a very dark time, referring to the Corinne Olympios sex scandal that temporarily shut down production on Bachelor in Paradise.