The WB brings a diverse group of some of America's best-remembered pop culture figures back to television audiences in a half-hour comedy/reality series, THE SURREAL LIFE. From the producers of "Blind Date," the celebrity cast includes actors from past hit series, a former child star, two musical stars, and a beauty queen, and one star of the hit series "Survivor II." This unlikely group of housemates moved in together on Monday, October 21 and will share a fun and funky house in the Hollywood Hills for ten days.

Action on THE SURREAL LIFE will take place in the house and on "field trips" to various locations around Southern California.

Producers have selected a multigenerational group of familiar faces to live together for two weeks. While the roommates can come and go as they please, they'll be required to interact with each other, share bedrooms and bathrooms, do household chores, go grocery shopping, and prepare meals together. Their real-life drama will be captured on camera during an around-the-clock shooting schedule.

The celebrity housemates include:

The Preacher: MC Hammer (Rapper-turned-Preacher) - full of baggage and bravado -- he's 2 Legit 2 Quit!

The Kid: Emmanuel Lewis ("Webster") - Webster is still 4'11" after all these years. He has the highest voice in the house.

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The Babe: Brande Roderick ("Baywatch" and 2001 Playmate of the Year) - The good Christian girl who can't keep her clothes on.

The Black Sheep: Corey Feldman ("Stand by Me") - From his bizarre relationship with Michael Jackson, to his bizarre relationship with his girlfriend, Corey is, in a word, bizarre.

The Peace Keeper: Gabrielle Carteris - We'll experience the weirdness of the surreal life through her jaded eyes.

The Rocker: Vince Neil - If only his tattoos could talk! Mötley Crüe's lead singer has been-there-done-that so many times, it's a wonder he doesn't need hip replacement.

The Instigator: Jerri Manthey - The "Survivor II" cast member that everyone loves to hate, Jerri was also featured in Playboy magazine.

From executive producers Jay Renfroe and David Garfinkle ("Blind Date"), Rick Telles and Cris Abrego ("Road Rules") and Mark Cronin ("The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show"), THE SURREAL LIFE is produced by Renegade Entertainment in association with Brass Ring Productions and Mindless Entertainment.