Wow, if there were any doubts about Corey Feldman's self-absorbed delusions before, this week's TV Guide Insider interview seems to have eliminated them. In an interview with TV Guide, Feldman says he's shocked at the bad press he's getting over his appearance on The WB's "The Surreal Life" series, claims that he's "not a publicity whore," and takes some shots at fellow housemate Jerri Manthey of "Survivor 2" fame.

"I've never had worse press over anything in my life - including drug arrests! - than I have over this show," says Feldman. "I have never been called a 'has-been' in my career, until I did this show. That's a true fact. I've been called a lot of labels, and last summer, I wrote my Former Child Actor album about that." "I've always been 'former teen star' or 'former drug addict.'" "With this, it's like, 'has-been, loser, C-lister, D-lister,' and I'm like, 'Why did I sign onto this thing? This is terrible!'"

Never been called a "has-been?" Sure Corey... whatever you say. Psst -- just because you might not have been listening, doesn't mean that people weren't saying it.

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On the topic of his upcoming "ultimate publicity whore" on-screen wedding Feldman says " "The most important thing to be clarified above all is, in no way was it my idea to get married on the show," he insists. "I'm not a publicity whore. The producers suggested it, and we hashed it out for days."

The wedding decision is apparently the cause of some of his friction with Manthey, according to Feldman "Jerri said, 'You don't want to get married on TV. These reality shows suck and they'll twist things.' I think the key to her resentment against me is that I didn't take her profound advice." "Now," Corey continues, "Jerri's just taking cheap shots at me, in an obvious attempt to get her 15 minutes in the spotlight. To me, it's a bit disgraceful. She's never done a real acting job and I think that's what she's trying to accomplish so I don't think her making enemies in the business is going to help her any."

"The business" -- poor self-deluded Corey... the only "business" you seem to still be in is the "former child actor"/"former drug addict" arenas -- areas that I'm sure even Jerri is more than comfortable leaving to you alone.