Paul Abrahamian was the houseguest whom Kevin Schlehuber trusted whole-heartedly throughout the Big Brother season, so now Kevin is opening up about how it felt to get burned by the returning player.

Prior to Kevin's eviction last week under Paul's Head of Household reign, Paul assured the Boston stay-at-home dad that "everything was cool" and he'd be safe. Kevin, 56, therefore seemed to think Josh Martinez was definitely going home instead of him.

"There's no animosity," Kevin told Entertainment Weekly of Paul's betrayal in which he had been working with both Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott to get Kevin out of the game.

"He did give me his word, but Paul is a 24-year-old. He knows how to play. I don't need Paul to carry me. I knew what was going on. With 48 hours remaining I could see the writing on the wall."

With the HoH and two eviction nominees ineligible to vote and only four houseguests left in the house at the time, Kevin's eviction was determined solely by Christmas.

Kevin told EW that he began to sense his time was up on Season 19 because Paul, for example, started asking him "different types of questions."

"I'm not mad at him. He played his game. I don't carry anything over after the game," Kevin insisted. "He's a good game player. He's a clever player."

Kevin tended to listen to whatever Paul told him to do during the game, believing that the veteran was being honest and would never do him wrong. As fans recall, Kevin even threw competitions at the request of Paul, who was apparently orchestrating the majority of blindsides.

"It was a team thing. It wasn't just throwing it. If one of the team members won, we all won, if it's still going to further you and the others to go further," Kevin argued in defense of his laid-back strategy.

"Looking back, it's like Monday-morning quarterbacking -- there's no sense talking about it now. I think the one with the Revengers [BB superheroes HoH competition], I could have won that, but I have no bad feelings. I made it to Final 4 without winning HOH or POV. I'm good with that."

Had Kevin stayed in the game until the end, he told EW that he would've preferred to sit next to Josh in the Final 2.

"Whoever sits next to Josh in the Final 2 wins the game. Some of the jury members clashed with him all season... [or] I would want to sit next to Paul, because we were friends and would be happy if the other won," Kevin noted.