The battle between Donald Trump and Palm Beach, Fla., over the real estate mogul's 375-square-foot American flag shows no signs of wavering.

Landmarks Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hanley said the flag outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club is a mockery as well as an affront to the town and the American flag, the Palm Beach Post reported Tuesday.

It "looks like we have an Okeechobee car dealer," Hanley said.

Trump responded his 15-by-25-foot flag is identical to the White House flag and any one who objects "should not, in my opinion, hold a public office of any kind -- at least not in this country.

"And I thought I was doing the town a favor," Trump wrote in a letter to the city.

Trump was cited Friday because his 80-foot flagpole violates the city limit of 42 feet, the newspaper said. He was also cited for failing to obtain a building permit or permission from the landmarks board and for violating his club's pact with the town.

"The Apprentice" star could face fines of $250-a-day if the flag dispute is not resolved.