Feeling homesick for her young son and also suffering from the judge's perception that her off-camera personality didn't match that of a professional model, Noelle, a 20-year-old realtor's assistant from Reno, NV, became the fourth girl eliminated from the fourth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's UPN broadcast.

Top Model 4's fifth episode began with Lluvy still stinging from being told that her prior week's Pisces photograph had been "the worst photograph in Top Model history" and Michelle dealing with a sore issue of her own -- the sudden appearance of raw sores on her forehead and chin.

After the girls gossip about the possible causes for Michelle's sudden condition, they travel to the Make-up Designory to learn about the show's aptly timed theme of the week -- the power of cosmetics. Upon arriving, the girls are greeted by an elderly instructor who clearly appears (at least to home viewers) to be a made-up Jay Manuel, however the none of the girls appear to pick up on the disguise. After revealing his identity, Jay explains that makeup has a powerful ability to create an illusion and challenges the girls to create a natural, clean look using CoverGirl cosmetics.

Returning to the loft after the lesson, Brittney confesses that she is annoyed by Noelle constantly talking about her 4-year-old son. "We've got it, you have a kid. Next," she remarks to the camera. Meanwhile, Tyra Banks stops by for some one-on-one talks with the girls, telling Michelle about her own beauty problems and promising to send Michelle to a dermatologist. Moving on to talk with Noelle, Tyra listens as Noelle admits that although she is determined to become a professional model, she is having a hard time focusing on the competition due to her separation anxiety.

After taking some time to spread some more unfounded rumors about Michelle's skin problems, the girls travel to the Salon of Beverly Hills the next morning, where they learn that they will be judged on their creativity and ability to create a "haute couture" make-up look in less than four minutes. Most of the girls had problems throwing together a high fashion look, but Jay Manuel criticizes Noelle in particular, telling her that, "you need to stay away from that blue, you look like those little girls at the mall."

Later, harnessing the power of make-up and hair styling, each girl experiences a drastic ethnic transformation and is given a milk moustache as part of a photo shoot that requires them to pose with young children for a "Got Milk?" ad. Michelle leaves the shoot to visit a doctor, but returns with the news that she only has an easily treatable bacterial infection. Transformed into an Eskimo, Jay decides that rather than chance spreading her infection to a real child, Michelle should instead pose with a fake doll -- a decision that Rebecca feels gives Michelle an unfair posing advantage but Jay rules is offset by requiring greater facial acting skill.

Predictably, being around small children only maked Noelle even more homesick for her own child. "I'm excited because I love children... but it is just making it that much harder for me," she says after spending the day holding a child that reminded her of her son.

During the next evening's elimination ceremony, the judges agree that while Noelle's photos were consistently impressive, her appearance in person didn't match up. "I just don't see 'model' in front of me...when I was looking at her, even in her casual 'flip-flop' way, it doesn't even read model," judge Janice Dickinson notes and Tyra agrees. Tyra sends Noelle home to be with her son, making her the fourth girl eliminated from Top Model 4 and leaving only ten girls still competing in the competition.