Former America's Next Top Model contestant, Brandy Rusher, has reportedly been shot and is currently in the hospital in critical condition.

Rusher, 32, was one of several people shot at an apartment complex in Houston, TX, on Sunday night, TMZ reported.

Rusher is in the intensive care unit after the shooting, which reportedly killed two men. In addition to Rusher, three other people were also shot and injured.

The incident occurred when a car drove up to the apartment complex and gunmen allegedly opened fire with a high-powered rifle.

Law enforcement officials told the Daily Mail the shooting happened after the victims got into an argument with a resident at the Haverstock Hill apartments around 6:30PM. Three men then reportedly arrived in a white sedan and two of them got out and started arguing with the victims.

One of the three men allegedly grabbed a semi-automatic rifle from the trunk of the car and started firing 15 to 18 shots at the victims, before fleeing the scene. One man was pronounced dead right at the scene, while another died later at the hospital.

As for the four individuals who were shot but not killed -- Rusher, another woman, and two guys -- authorities told the Daily Mail they are in critical yet stable condition. One of the women was shot in the lower leg.

The newspaper identified one of the victims as 33-year-old Christopher Beatty, and three of the targets are from the same family. Police are still searching for the suspects.

"[Brandy and her brother Wayne] were involved in a shooting but we don't know anything about it," Rusher's grandfather, 81, told E! News. "We would just like to keep the family in prayer."

When she competed on Top Model in early 2005, Rusher was a 20-year-old cosmetology student from Houston, TX.

Although Tyra Banks told Rusher she had a "great personality," the aspiring model was the third contestant eliminated from America's Next Top Model's fourth season -- which aired on UPN at the time -- because of her "negative attitude."

A representative for former Top Model judge Nole Marin told E! News, "Nole's heart goes out to Brandy and her family during this tragic time. While on the show, Nole says he remembers her shining personality and glowing smile. She is in his thoughts and is sending well wishes."