The Bachelor star Nick Viall's journey begins Monday, January 2 on ABC, and the show's star has teased what fans can anticipate this season.

Shortly after ABC revealed Nick's 30 bachelorettes, the handsome 36-year-old software salesman from Wisconsin participated in a media call through which he opened up about his time handing out roses as the Bachelor following three failed searches for love on spinoffs of the reality franchise.

In the Wednesday interview, Nick -- who admitted he found love on The Bachelor -- shared his desires, expectations and challenges on the show.

Nick talked to Reality TV World about some rumors that have been floating around. Below is what Nick had to say about reports regarding his post-Bachelor in Paradise relationship with Jennifer Saviano and alleged arrogance and diva-like behavior while filming The Bachelor.

Reality TV World: Lauren Himle did an interview in September in which she said you actually continued dating and were in a relationship with Jennifer Saviano after Bachelor in Paradise ended but you allegedly dumped her to become the next The Bachelor star. I just want to give you a chance to set the record straight on that. Is any of that true?

Nick Viall: No, none of that was remotely true.

Reality TV World: There was also a magazine report last month that some of the women were threatening to quit the show towards the end of filming because you were allegedly acting arrogant and entitled.

Nick Viall: I mean, that would be news to me. But yeah, I mean, as far as I know that would not be remotely accurate. But again, I guess you'll just have to watch to see if there's any validity to that. But I mean, from my end, it's certainly news.

Also during the conference call with reporters, Nick talked about first impressions and whether he found the process draining.

What did you think of your dates this season?

Nick Viall: I can't really give too much detail. I can say that throughout the season there are some incredible dates and as The Bachelor it's pretty surreal sometimes the things you get to do, and I felt incredibly fortunate to not only be The Bachelor but to experience some of the things that came along with the dates.

Everybody loves the arrivals on Night 1; it's what everybody chats about afterwards. So I'd love to know a little bit about who stood out most to you and what you think the secret is to making a great first impression, either in real life or on TV.

Nick Viall: I can't talk too specifically about the actual arrivals, but in terms of a first impression, you know, I'm a big believer in -- I like confidence and confidence in people and confidence in women, but I think sometimes that can be misleading with what that means.
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And I think it takes a lot of confidence for people to show their vulnerabilities and kind of just, you know, be expressive and open up. I think that shows a lot about someone.

And to me, a great first impression is someone who's, you know -- again it sounds cliche -- willing to be themselves but they're not trying to be perfect, they're not trying to be someone they're not and they're willing to show their vulnerabilities. To me, I think that's an amazing first impression.

What surprised you most about actually being there and doing this process as The Bachelor star on that very first night? What was the hardest moment for you?

Nick Viall: You know, I don't know if there's one specific thing. Obviously I have a fair share of friends in Bachelor Nation and some of those have been the Bachelor or the Bachelorette and, you know, they've all talked about how difficult the process can be, especially Night 1. 

And so, I don't know if there's any surprises, but it was kind of that -- not only Night 1 but throughout the season -- those moments where I kind of thought to myself, you know, "This is what they were talking about," or, "Yes, they were right," kind of thing.

It's long. It can be emotionally taxing and it can be physically taxing and, you know, that's all great but it can be like, "Wow this is really intense." You certainly have those moments as the Bachelor.

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