Christina El Moussa is reportedly dating a contractor she had previously worked with.

Shortly after Christina and her husband of seven years, Tarek El Moussa, announced their separation on December 12 after seven years of marriage, news began circulating Christina has a new man in her life.

Christina El Moussa is dating Gary Anderson, according to TMZ sources, who has done work for the Flip or Flop couple.

Anderson reportedly witnessed the May 23 incident Christina and Tarek called "an unfortunate misunderstanding" involving Tarek, a gun and 11 police vehicles and a helicopter.

Sources told TMZ that Anderson was at a neighbor's house the day Tarek allegedly jumped their home's backyard fence and ran off into a state park with a gun -- prompting police to storm the scene after receiving a call about a "possibly suicidal male." Anderson allegedly saw Tarek flee as well as Christina "crying and shaking" over her husband's behavior.

Despite Christina and Tarek's subsequent claims that Tarek was just going for a hike and took the gun "for protection from mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and rattlesnakes," a source told People that Christina left her husband to live with their children's nanny after the alleged "misunderstanding."

Tarek reportedly moved out a month later when his family returned to the house. He and Christina have been living apart since the incident and revealed in a recent media statement they are already "dating other people."

The house flippers confirmed in the statement, however, "neither of us is ready to announce anything in terms of another relationship."

Christina initially developed a friendship with Anderson but their relationship reportedly turned romantic a few months after police were called to her home for Tarek's outburst.

Tarek and Christina have two children together, Taylor, 6, and Brayden, 1, and wed in May 2009. Considering Flip or Flop is a success for HGTV and the couple is releasing a book Flip Your Life in March, the parents plan to continue working together professionally.

In fact, Christina and Tarek stepped out together on Thursday in Los Angeles and were spotted getting coffee. Christina was all smiles despite reportedly having to share an awkward hug with Tarek after the outing.

In the pair's initial statement disclosing their reasons for separating, Christina and Tarek had told People, "We had an unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago and the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution. There was no violence and no charges were filed."

They continued, "Together, we have decided to separate while we reevaluate the future of our marriage. During this process, we are committed to our kids and being the best parents we can be. We will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together."