Nick Cannon insists wife Mariah Carey was not talking about Nicki Minaj when she said her experience as a judge on American Idol was like working "every day in hell with Satan."

"I honestly don't think she was speaking directly about [Nicki]. I think she was talking about the situation in general. I [think], in her mind, it's bigger than that. Because if my wife wanted to say that, she would've said that... Like me, she says how she feels. She was talking about the situation," Cannon told Access Hollywood Live on Friday.

When Carey talked to New York's HOT 97 radio station last week, she said she "hated" serving as a twelfth-season Idol judge because she was led to believe she would be the only female judge on a three-person panel with Randy Jackson and Keith Urban. However, Minaj ended up coming onboard and the two divas feuded basically all season. 

"[Mariah]'s like, 'Hey, you said it was going to be this.' And then it turned out to be 'this.' So from that point on, it was just [downhill]," Cannon said.

"I told you guys she hated it! I told you. I mean, that's the thing. That's not a forum for the biggest superstar in the world in my opinion... And I don't even think it's about the people on the panel. If you pay attention to what she was saying, it's about when someone tells you something and paints a picture one way and that's not the case. She's used to being treated a certain way, and then you have a network that just says, 'No.'"

Cannon, the host of America's Got Talent, then joked, "I'm just glad she didn't think being at home is like being in hell with Satan! I'm happy!"

Following Carey and Minaj's American Idol departures, Fox formally announced in early September that Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban would be serving as the show's new thirteenth-season judges.

Connick Jr. refuted Carey's statements late last week, saying Idol has been "heaven," not "hell," for him since he began taping the callback auditions. Connick Jr. also seemed to think Carey was definitely referring to Minaj when she said she was basically working every day "with Satan."

"When @MariahCarey spoke of 'satan' she wasn't referring to @NICKIMINAJ.  it was @KeithUrban.  he's hot and plays the hell out of the guitar," Connick Jr. tweeted.

Although Carey had a mostly negative experience on American Idol, she told the radio station she "loved the contestants."
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