NeNe Leakes has confirmed she's engaged to her ex-husband Gregg Leakes.

During a Thursday appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon showed photographs of romantic images The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had posted on Twitter on New Year's Eve with Gregg -- including the couple celebrating with hats and horns, NeNe's beach condo's hallway drenched with rose petals and candles, a "night cap" photo featuring champagne and strawberries, and finally a bed decorated with a giant heart on the comforter --  leading fans to believe they had gotten engaged.

"You [also] tweeted, 'My answer was' -- and then the last tweet was, 'Yes.' So are you engaged?!" Fallon asked the fourth-season The Celebrity Apprentice participant. "Can you say anything? Will you say anything?"

"Well, a little after midnight, I was asked this beautiful question," NeNe began after laughing. "'Will you marry me -- again?'" And -- "'Yes!'"

Added the actress, "He went for it!"

The couple, who met in 1996, divorced in 2011 after 13 years of marriage, Us Weekly reported. During their relationship, NeNe gave birth to a son named Brentt, who is now 13-years-old. She also has a son Bryson from a previous relationship.

The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which premiered on November 4, has reportedly shown Gregg trying to get NeNe back.

"You know, we're divorced. I'm single and not looking. Love is beautiful thing and marriage is a beautiful thing," she told Us in November. "People will enjoy watching Gregg try to woo me back."

However, a source told the magazine at the time that the pair had already reconciled and were just playing up the drama for cameras.

"They are back together romantically. He's back in the picture, not just as a father to their son. When NeNe showed up to film, Gregg was usually there!" the source said.