Olivia Black, a former Pawn Stars cast member, is still pawning away despite recent reports that she was fired after nude photos of her surfaced online.

Black has clarified that although she recently announced she was fired from her job on Facebook, she was actually only fired from Pawn Stars and not from her actual job at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop store that is featured on the reality series, Fox News reported

"[Shop owner Rick Harrison] let me know I was actually only let go from the show and not the shop," she told Fox News, adding that she can work in the Las Vegas store, sign autographs and meet with fans as long as the reality series is not filming.

Black told the website she never got an official reason why she was let go from Pawn Stars, which is broadcast by History and the network's highest-rated program. 

However, Black was fired only days after the National Enquirer leaked photos of her posing nude in 2008 for the soft-core porn website SuicideGirls.com -- resulting in speculation that the photos were the cause.

"I don't have the actual reason as to why I am not a part of the show anymore," she explained. "They didn't state it, and I didn't ask -- I was just in such shock I didn't think to ask."

According to the Enquirer, Black was a model who went by the name Belladonna prior to starting her position at the pawn shop nearly one year ago.

"Olivia doesn't talk about her porn past, but all the guys and the crew know about it and have seen her photos," a source recently told the Enquirer. "It's one of the best-kept secrets from viewers."

Following the incident in which Black was given the ax from Pawn Stars, she reportedly returned to her modeling career with SuicideGirls but started a petition on Change.org in attempt to get back on the show -- her main priority apparently.

"They reached out to me and we just shot a new set of photos [on Sunday]," Black told Fox News, explaining that there shouldn't be a conflict between both jobs.

"We want to show that America doesn't mind that I am confident and naked, and I can still be part of the show."

Neither History or its A&E parent network have replied when contacted for comment.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.