The white Ford Bronco used during the infamous 1994 O.J. Simpson police chase will be featured on the Aug. 14 episode of History's "Pawn Stars."

Simpson's former agent Mike Gilbert has held onto the vehicle for 22 years after he bought it from A.C. Cowlings, the main who drove Simpson during the chase five days after the murder of Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, USA Today reported.

Gilbert is looking to sell the Ford Bronco that was seen by millions on television during the chase, to "Pawn Stars" star Rick Harrison who co-owns World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop for over half a million or no deal, TMZ reported.

"It's in amazing shape," Harrison said to The New York Post about the car after test driving it with fellow "Pawn Stars" star Chumlee. "I drove it around and it felt a little odd, but it runs great. I think [Gilbert] was a little nervous that I was going to scratch it or wreck it."

"I've been offered some O.J. stuff over the years and I always tell people to go someplace else," Harrison says.

"I hate stuff like that in my store. This is one of the most conflicted episodes we've done," he added.

Simpson was granted parole in June after serving nine years in prison for participating in an armed robbery. He will be released in October.