Variety reports that the new NBC-Bunim/Murray syndicated show Starting Over will film its first set of episodes in Chicago. As previously reported here, the show will feature women going through major life changes while living together in a house for 20 weeks. (Does "loss of privacy" count as a major life change?)

The show will air on stations owned and operated by NBC and will be sold to other stations through syndication. After the initial 20-week run, Starting Over will then feature 13 weeks of "special" episodes, including updates on former houseguests, before moving to victimize ... uh, honor ... another city for the second half of the season.

An NBC Vice President said that "Chicago is just a great place for a woman to start her life over. It's a great place to live." Considering the current subzero daily high temperatures, not even counting the wind-chill factor in "The Windy City," "great place" is not a phrase that most people would apply to Chicago at this time of year. Let's hope that filming doesn't begin before late spring.