NBC Enterprises' daytime series Starting Over will welcome the youngest reality cast member ever later this month, when one of the housemates on the nationally syndicated daily series gives birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Josie, a single mother-to-be from Oreana, IL, who is struggling with whether to put her baby up for adoption, joined the show in April. Her baby's birth is scheduled to air on May 6 and 7, 2004.

"Josie's emotionally riveting story has the potential to bring national attention to the important subject of adoption," said Jonathan Murray, co-creator and executive producer of Starting Over. "This is an example of how a reality TV series like Starting Over can simultaneously educate and entertain."

Josie arrived at the Starting Over house with one large belly and one small suitcase. Eight months pregnant, she was warmly welcomed by her new housemates who learned the wrenching story of Josie's life, including the devastating loss of her immediate family and her recent struggle with homelessness.

Josie came to Starting Over in search of a more stable life, and for help with the momentous decision to keep her baby or to put her up for adoption. Starting Over life coaches Rana Walker and Rhonda Britten have provided daily support and guidance as Josie faces her dilemma.

Starting Over is the first-ever real-life daytime TV drama that follows an ever-changing cast of six diverse and captivating women as they make extraordinary changes in their lives - all while living under the same room. As the women succeed or fail, each will leave the house as a new woman moves in to take her place, and another real story unfolds. Life coaches, pegged by the TV press as "female Dr. Phils," are on hand to help identify goals and facilitate these life changes.

Starting Over has been renewed for a second season in over 86% of the U.S. for the 2004-05 season. The series will move to Los Angeles for its second season (the show's first season originated in Chicago). Starting Over is from Bunim/Murray Productions. the creators of the hit unscripted series The Simple Life, The Real World, and Road Rules and distributed by NBC Enterprises. It is nationally syndicated.