One thing appears certain: Either Jen Schefft didn't find everlasting love on the third edition of ABC's The Bachelorette that concludes tonight, or several of the media's largest entertainment gossip outlets have all been snookered.

What began with an early February Star Magazine report that Jen and her selected bachelor had already broken up has echoed across the entertainment news landscape during the past few weeks, with several other entertainment news outlets having now reported (or at least strongly implied) that while the identity of Jen's final suitor might be unknown, the couple's subsequent near-immediate breakup has already made her decision inconsequential.

According to Star's initial early February report, Jen and her selected bachelor quickly parted ways in the months since the show finished taping early last fall. While Star also reported the Jen is now dating Billy Dec, a Chicago nightclub owner who also happens to be her boss (and with whom she attended the Super Bowl), more interesting were Jen's less than head-over-heels in love comments.

Rather than gushing about her new Bachelorette beau as previous bachelor and bachelorettes have done, Jen was significantly more noncommittal about her future. "I'm trying to make no plans and see what's to come," she told Star. "I'm going to work and live in Chicago and figure things out as they come along."

E! gossip columnist Kristin Veitch has also recently reported noticing a similar not-so-smitten tone during her two interviews with Jen. During a column posted last weekend, Kristen reported that Jen seemed "noticeably uncomfortable" when asked whether she was in love. Asked point-blank whether she was in love, Jen avoided saying she was, responding instead with replies of "I'm very glad I did the show" and "I'm very happy."

Not to be left out, People Magazine also published its own report this weekend. Stating that "Bachelorette fans hoping for a happy ending on Monday night’s finale are likely to be disappointed," the magazine claims that while both men do propose during tonight's finale, "the romance between Jen Schefft and her pick seems to have ended almost as soon as it began."

An addition to reporting the same Billy Dec relationship mentioned in the Star report, People also quotes an anonymous friend of Jen's. "I said from the beginning that I didn't think she was gonna get hitched out of this," said the purported friend. "She wasn't really into any of the guys."