Mark Jansen may be in trouble right now on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Mark is a 26-year-old personal trainer from Grand Island, NY. Despite his tough-guy persona, he considers himself a teddy bear.

Mark is currently on the chopping block with his on-again, off-again showmance partner Elena Davies as well as Jessica Graf, who is only a nominee because she had finished the "Temptation Competition" in last place. Although Mark probably believes he's a bigger target than Elena, the latest Head of Household, Josh Martinez, is going after her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house is gunning for Jessica. Mark and Elena found themselves on the outs to begin with because the pair got too close with Jessica and Cody Nickson once Cody re-entered the game. The Power of Veto competition is just ahead, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Below is a list of 8 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Mark Jansen:

- Mark is a bodybuilder who studied abroad and went to an NFL regional combine.

- Mark weighed between 330-340 pounds after college, but because he always wanted to be in the fitness industry, he lost over 100 pounds and then got into bodybuilding.

People started asking him how he achieved such weight-loss success, and once he started helping people, he became a personal trainer.

- The Big Brother houseguest predicted the ladies would be his downfall on Season 19, and the fact he's incredibly honest.

- Mark lost his father at a young age and was raised by his single mother, who died when he was only 17-years-old. If he wins the $500,000 grand prize, he plans to start a foundation to help single moms or children with deceased parents.

- The personal trainer adores his grandparents and enjoys playing chess. While in the Big Brother house, he said he'll miss bowling with his grandpa. 

- Mark played Division 1 football for one year at the University of Buffalo, where he graduated from and received his college degree.

- Mark says three adjectives that describe himself are fun, strong and thoughtful.

- The Big Brother houseguest enjoys lifting weights, hiking, watching movies, and relaxing on a beach.