Ever since first arriving at the America's Next Top Model house, the reputation of Marjorie, a 19-year-old student from San Francisco, CA, was that of a girl with a great potential to become a model if she could overcome her nerves.

So it was with great irony during last night' broadcast of America's Next Top Model's eleventh season when Marjorie's decision to finally put aside her fears became the primary reason for her becoming the eleventh girl to be eliminated from the CW reality series.

"I did work really hard so of course I'm disappointed, but obviously what I could do could only take me so far," Marjorie said following her elimination. "When I was just fidgeting like I normally would, that was to much fidgeting. And when I was composed that was too boring, too flat."

"The funny thing is I'm a Libra, so you'd think I'd find the balance," she added with a laugh.

America's Next Top Model's tenth episode began with the four remaining girls in the competition returning to their house. Upon seeing her picture being displayed as digital art in the house, Samantha -- an 18-year-old student athlete from Woodland Hills, CA -- danced around the apartment and did somersaults as she hoped that her success would carry on through the rest of the competition.

"Now I just gotta make the Top 3, then the Top 2 and then I will be America's Next Top Model," she said later.

Meanwhile, Marjorie expressed worry to Analeigh, a 19-year-old student from Sacramento, CA, that as the competition progressed it would become harder to get away with having an "off day" like she had during the "go-see" challenge only days earlier. She also stressed her need to get control over her nerves, but later said that she feared doing so may have its own drawbacks.

"I honestly don't know how to have a balance between my nerves and show my personality," Marjorie explained afterwards. "When I lose my nerves I lose my edge, so I need to be at least a little nervous to be someone interesting."

The girls then traveled to meet with judge Paulina Porizkova in a room surrounded by tables filled with stacks of toilet paper, fish, and a cell phone.

Paulina told the girls that an important part of modeling was being able to sell a product effectively without speaking, and had them each attempt to display various emotions that a model may have to use to sell a product in a photo advertisement.

"It's so exciting to work with Paulina, I absolutely love her," said McKey, a 19-year-old student from Lake Forest, IL. "But it's also a little intimidating though because she's a judge. You obviously wanna stay on her good side."

After modeling with the products, Paulina thought that each of the girls had done well, but expressed their emotions very different ways.

"McKey, her portrayal of the senses was all very model-like. Everything was a pose," said Paulina. "Marjorie's strength lies in her believability, all of her emotions are so accessible. Analeigh is a very natural actress. Was she aware of the camera? No she was not. Sam is really a clown, she was really good at showing the happy of each of the senses."
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"I think today's exercise was actually very good for them," she added.

The following day, the girls traveled to Amsterdam Worldwide -- a top boutiques ad agency in Amsterdam  -- where they met with Paulina and Richard Gorodecky, the agency's executive creative director, and were told they would be auditioning for a 30-second commercial for a running shoe.

The girls were told that the commercial would feature them jogging alongside a taxi sitting in traffic containing a cute guy. After passing back and forth and having the guy get out of the cab, the girl would run up, kiss him, and then steal his cab.

The girls also learned that they would be auditioning for the ad by running on a treadmill alongside their male actor counterpart -- supermodel Mark Vanderloo -- as he moved back and forth as if he were in a cab stuck in traffic. They were also told that the winner would receive a $10,000 shopping spree at G-Star, a Holland denim company.

In an attempt to calm her nerves, Marjorie went into the audition with a new state of mind.

"I am trying a new approach, which is just to have fun with everything that happens here rather than just being completely neurotic," she said.

After watching each girl perform the scene with Mark, Paulina and Richard gathered the girls to tell them who had won the challenge.

Paulina said that Samantha's acting was "adorable" but that her excitement during the commercial "went over the edge a little bit" and called her "hammy."

Paulina thought that Analeigh's performance was "cute and sweet," while Mark called it "a very good performance" and Richard called her both "a good actress" and "a beautiful model."

The response to Mckey's performance was less enthusiastic, with Paulina saying that her flirtation act was great but that she had faltered when going for the kiss at the end.

While Paulina said that Marjorie's jittery performance was "sort of awkward and at times a little scary," she added that, in terms of originality her performance had been "a ten."

"Probably your performance was, I think, the most honest," added Richard. "I didn't believe you were acting, which is quite a skill."

Paulina then revealed that Marjorie had won the challenge and the shopping spree. When given the opportunity to bring someone with her on the spree, Marjorie chose Analeigh to come and split the $10,000 with her.

"I'm so excited to win this particular prize, I'm just living in the moment," Marjorie said following her win. "C' est la vie!"

That night, a newly confident Marjorie convinced the other girls to call the men who had driven the boats during their "go-see" challenge and have them come over for the night. After arriving with pizza and lots of wine, a party broke out in the house.

While Mckey, Analeigh, and Sam didn't have any of the wine during the night's festivities -- which included charades, the men trying to runway walk in the girls' heels, McKey wrestling one of the men, and Sam performing magic tricks -- Marjorie took full advantage of the wine and got drunk.

"I'm having fun and letting loose because of wine. Wine's my friend, and also because I won a challenge," Marjorie said after the party. "I feel really just cheerful all together."

However the night came to an end after Analeigh stepped in to stop Marjorie  from "making an ass of herself" after she jumped into a bathtub with one of the men while fully clothed.

"Yeah it's a competition but Marjorie's my friend," Analeigh said. "I would do it for anyone in the house and  hope that if I was drinking that they do it for me."

The following day, Marjorie had no regrets about the party.

"I think last night was great! The fact that people were there and we were keeping company and drinking and having fun," she said. "And because I was the only girl drinking, I knew everyone else could take care of me so I knew I was safe. Ha!"

The girls then took a bus out to the Dutch countryside where they met photo shoot director Jay Manuel alongside a windmill and were told that they would be posing near the windmill with "extreme hair and
makeup" and photographer Barrie Hullegie for that round's photo shoot.

Analeigh posed with big hair and a rake in front of the windmill. She tried a variety of poses -- including jumping into the air with the rake towards the end of her shoot -- and Jay came away very impressed with her originality.

"Analeigh tried so many different things and she really was dynamic," he said. "We have a lot of options, so that's a good thing."

Marjorie struggled in her photo shoot and hardly posed at all through much of her shoot as she found it hard to move while wearing wooden clogs.

"Marjorie was awkward," Jay said. "It was not motivating. She just lacked presence."

Jay was equally disappointed with Samantha during her photo shoot. While she also struggled with posing in clogs, Jay wondered what had happened to the strong poses that Samantha had shown in the previous photo shoot.

"There is no excuse at this point in a competition to be that weak," he said. Sam just went from 10
to zero."

While Samantha was able to pull off some poses in her final seven frames after Jay told her she hadn't been impressive at all up to that point, she later acknowledged through tears that the shoot hadn't gone well for her.

"Dude, I sucked really bad," she said sadly.

Jay was very impressed with McKey, who utilized her surroundings for many of her pictures, swinging a large chain and climbing to pose off of one of the windmills' arms.

"McKey is so good. She likes to try different things," Jay said. She had the windmill, she climbed up on
it. She loves the chain, the wall, she did everything!"

After additional worrying from Marjorie and Samantha about their photo shoots, the girls met America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks at the judges' panel to see which models would proceed to the Top 3.

Judge Nigel Barker called McKey's shot "unusual" and "very different for you," but was complimentary of it.

Paulina also complimented her face in the pose, while guest judge Ann Shokey, the editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, said that she had legs that "went on, and on, and on, and on."

"You are finding your signature girl!" Tyra exclaimed. "I think it is about strength, but femininity at the same time."

Judges were not impressed with Marjorie's shot, in which she stood without much of a pose with a blank look on her face.

"It's a very unusual picture, it kind of looks like 'What am I doing here?'" Nigel said.

"You look like a U.F.O. just beamed you down," added Paulina.

"I wasn't super impressed with your film, this picture stood out to me, but I felt that you were shrinking a little bit," Tyra said. "I'm not seeing you being a strong as you have been in your film in the past."

Judge Jay "Ms. J." Alexander called Samantha's shot "busted and broken down, but fabulous," while Tyra complimented her  down turned top lip. However, she added that her film, as a whole, had just been "okay" and that it had taken too long to get a good shot during the shoot.

The judges were beyond impressed with Analeigh's shot, in which she was jumping up in the air with her rake still on the ground in front of the windmill.

"This is, I think, the best picture of the bunch because it almost looks like you've been inspired by the windmill," said Nigel.

While deliberating on which girl to send home, Tyra admitted that deciding the photo shoot was like a horse race. "You've gotta see which horse's nose is sticking out a little more than the others."

As the judges discussed Marjorie's picture, Nigel noted that she had lost a lot of her nerve, but also sacrificed "a lot of her charm at the same time."

"I mean she was almost sent home last week because of her nerves, but this no personality [thing],
I'm just not sure," Tyra added.

After deliberating with the other judges, Tyra revealed that Analeigh's shot had been chosen as the week's best.

She then proceeded to also call out McKey's shot, leaving Marjorie and Samantha as the week's bottom two girls.

"Marjorie, you take some of the most exquisite photos in this competition, very high fashion and editorial. But your film this week was flat," Tyra told her. "What the judges see is a girl that doesn't understand, because one minute she's a jittery mess... and then with a couple of notes has turned into almost a mute, almost boring."

"They love the light that was in you, but without the nerves," she added. "What you've done is you've tried to please us so much that you've lost the essence of you, which was so beautiful in the first place and what got you here. We just wanted do polish you up a bit."

Tyra then turned to Samantha, whom she criticized for her weak film and inability to hold herself as a model would in certain situations.

"For some reason you just don't get it, and that just works the judges nerves," Tyra said. "They say 'How can a girl, when there's four girls left in this competition, still not understand what it means to look like a model? To stand like a model? To project like that?'"

"And your photos this week, yes you had a nice shot, but your film in general was weak and there's no excuse for that this late in the competition." she added, before revealing that -- despite her weak film -- Samantha had made it to the Top 3 while Marjorie had been eliminated.

America's Next Top Model's next episode will air Wednesday, November 19 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.