Analeigh Tipton may have been viewed as one of the more cutesy and positive-minded girls while she was a contestant on America's Next Top Model, however she was rather blunt when it came to assessing her feelings following her elimination.

"It felt like crap," Tipton told Reality TV World with a slight laugh during a media conference call that followed Wednesday night's broadcast of Top Model's eleventh-season finale. "I disappointed myself too because I was so excited for the CoverGirl commercial because I knew that I could definitely rock that. I knew the judges could pick on my face and my poses and how I looked here and there, but I knew that they liked the way that I acted and they liked my CoverGirl commercial before so I knew I could rock it."

Tipton told Reality TV World that the reason for her poor performance during the commercial shoot could be attributed to one simple thing: nerves.

"I got on set and it was just... nothing! I was freaking and I couldn't stop crying and I just couldn't remember the lines for the life of me," Tipton told Reality TV World. "Before I had them down so perfectly, and then [with] all of the pressure and the stress, and I couldn't get the thought of 'Oh my goodness this is it, this is everything, I'm blowing it' out of my head."

Tipton said she had entered the competition's penultimate judging panel unsure if she was in trouble or not because Brittany "McKey" Sullivan and Samantha Potter had both told her they hadn't felt they had done well during the shoot either.

"I went into panel really not knowing anything. I was pretty sure that McKey was gonna be up there because she really doesn't do wrong, but I wasn't sure between Sam or I."

However, after McKey had moved on to the Top 2 and America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks had spoken to she and Potter separately before announcing the elimination, Tipton said she knew she was doomed.

"After [Tyra] said her bit to me, I just closed my eyes and I could tell that I was going."

Still, Tipton had nothing but congratulations for McKey and Sam and complimented their hard work.

"I was really excited for McKey, honestly. I think that I would've like to see Sam up there too because I know that Sam put everything she had into it. But the Final 2, they were both great girls and you really couldn't go wrong honestly. Hopefully she'll work and she'll really do the title proud."

Tipton said that one of the biggest misconceptions about her through the competition was the assumption that her poses would be graceful due to her figure skating training. While Tipton did not deny that she had drawn on her skating background during the competition, she said that it had been for different reasons than many had thought.

"Throughout the competition it really was the mentality that helped me," Tipton told reporters. "It was being able to not look at the other girls and compete with them, but [to] compete with myself, because in skating against yourself and how well you're doing, so I kind of brought that to the competition."

As for the posing, Tipton stressed that. without ice skates, posing in a way she would have while figure skating was more difficult than people realized. She told reporters that she had been frustrated by people who were unaware of the difficulty in translating figure skating to modeling but urged her to do it anyway.
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"Everyone kept saying 'Use your figure skating, use your figure skating," and I was like "Dude!... It's a whole other ballgame when you actually have to bring that to a photo, and I think that was not really being translated well and they kinda expected this ballerina-type thing," she told reporters. "But figure skaters aren't ballerinas -- we're much more athletic than that -- so it was really hard to work it both ways."

As for Tipton's future, she told reporters that while she definitely would continue to pursue modeling, she also had listened to the judges' advice that she may be successful as an actress and said she would be pursuing that as well.

"I think I will try to pursue both right now," she told reporters. "Modeling on the more commercial side definitely flows into acting, and I will hopefully get work in acting as well. I love doing [both] so much."

While Tipton said that the judges' suggestion to pursue acting was "good advice," the humor was not lost on her that her elimination had not exactly lived up to the billing of the judges' initial praise.

"it was kind of ironic that the last thing Tyra said to me was 'You should go into acting,' while one of the big reasons why I was eliminated was because of my commercial," she told reporters with a laugh.