Mario Lopez on Instagram shared photos and videos showing how torrential rains destroyed part of the backyard of his California home.

"So, this is my yard today after City Public Works worked all night. Street below me is completely blocked. Guess the kids aren't playing outside... #CasaLopezIsWounded," Lopez captioned an image of a collapsed retaining wall, which sent trees and soil over the side of his property onto the road below.

"When it rains in LA... #CasaLopezIsWounded," read another post, which accompanied a brief video clip of Lopez with men working to remove the debris.

"Thank God my kids weren't playing in the yard and that no one got hurt, neighbors, no one. But it is, wow," he said in the clip.

"My yard collapsed into the street below. No Bocce for a while... #ThePowerOfMotherNature #CasaLopezIsWounded," Lopez posted along with another video.

Lopez, 43, is best known as an actor on the sitcom "Saved By the Bell" and a presenter on the entertainment news program "Extra."

He and his wife Courtney Mazza have a 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.