Marc Anthony says his split from ex-wife and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was a mutual decision, despite reports alleging otherwise.

"It's a decision that we made jointly and that's how I'll answer that," Anthony said in an interview broadcast on ABC's Nightline Thursday night.

"I'll tell you that it wasn't sensational -- some sensationalistic happening."

According to Anthony -- who, with Lopez, had announced in July they were ending their seven-year marriage after having two children together -- the couple's breakup was not a result of infidelity, as he was shocked to have heard reports claiming he was responsible for ruining his marriage due to having an affair. 

"No. Absolutely not. Nothing sensationalistic... There was a flight attendant. There was a pilot, I heard. There was this guy sitting next to me in rehab in Houston. I've heard it all," Anthony said.

Anthony also denied recent rumors suggesting he had cheated on Lopez with Jada Pinkett Smith, his Hawthorne co-star and the wife of actor Will Smith.

"When something like that happens, it's laughable. We were laughing and were like, 'Wow,' because we've been friends for years -- Jada, Jennifer, me, him -- for years," Anthony explained.

"What bothers me is the effect it has on their family -- to Will and Jada's and their children and their relatives and their loved ones."

The singer and performer said his marriage slowly faltered and their issues simply could no longer be reconciled.

"It was a realization on both our parts, so it wasn't shocking. These things happen. These things happen," Anthony said, adding that the end of his marraige doesn't mean he will stop working and collaborating with Lopez professionally.

"It's not the end of that. This is not a funeral. This is not a burial. It's just two people that came together and just realized in some sense that it wasn't sustainable the way it was. And that's that."

According to Anthony, the divorce won't affect Q'Viva, the Latin American reality TV project the couple has been working on together.

"We met working together. I don't know what people think. Yeah, absolutely. No question. We're partners for life," he said.
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"I think anybody will tell you how I supported her from day one. We're going to be in each other's lives for many, many many years and I'm glad that our friendship is that strong, you know what I mean? Because that's what I think would make it difficult -- if we didn't get along."

Regardless of how his relationship with Lopez -- whom he wed in 2004 -- turns out, Anthony said their twins Max and Emme will always come first in their lives.

"I'm always going to be Daddy, you understand what I'm saying? They're used to me traveling and Jennifer traveling and we Skype all the time and try to maintain that presence. They're still young. You know what I mean?" Anthony explained, adding that his feelings for the mother of his three-year-old twins will never disappear despite the hardships they've faced.

"I'll always love Jennifer, yeah. I'll always love Jennifer. She knows that. What's important is that she knows that."

In addition, Anthony said he isn't worried things might get awkward between the pair going forward.

"Being Puerto Rican and being raised in the streets of New York, you go, 'Wow, you're still friends with you ex, man? Really? That's weird.' And it's like what? I don't play that," Anthony said.