Love After Lockup featured Brittany and Marcelino getting married, two couples breaking up, and Megan and Sarah having an explosive confrontation about Michael during Friday night's Season 2 finale on WE tv.

Love After Lockup's second season followed couples who met and fell in love online while one of them was behind bars.


After the convicts were released from prison and united with their significant others for the first time outside of supervised visits, the couples had to try to navigate the real world together.

By the end of the season, couples married, split, or were trying to get through life one day at a time while hoping to leave each convict's addiction or struggle in the past.

The finale broadcast starred Scott, a 51-year-old truck driver, and Lizzie from Oxnard, CA; Clint, a 37-year-old hotel desk clerk, and Tracie from Hobbs, NM; Marcelino, a 40-year-old writer, and Brittany from Las Vegas, NV; Caitlin, a 32-year-old administrative assistant, and Matt from Auburn, WA; and Megan, a 28-year-old in home health care, and Michael from Fort Worth, TX -- with Michael's wife, Sarah, a 24-year-old student and waitress making for a dramatic love triangle.

Below is an update on each Love After Lockup couple, according to WE tv's Friday night episode:


Brittany served two years in prison for conspiracy to commit burglary.

Brittany had been out of jail for about five months and decided to pay a visit to Amanda, her ex-girlfriend whom she hadn't seen since Marcelino's birthday party when drama broke out.

Amanda couldn't believe how far Brittany was in her pregnancy already, telling cameras Brittany must have "gotten knocked up" the day she was released from prison.


The visit was awkward, as Brittany thought Amanda was in "complete denial" about how serious her relationship with Marcelino really happened to be.

Amanda finally realized Brittany was established in her romance, and Brittany revealed they planned to get married. Amanda just hoped to be invited to the wedding.
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It then became time for Brittany and Marcelino's wedding, and loved ones from all over had gathered for the event.

Marcelino was nervous and anxious, but he was certain Brittany was The One for her. Meanwhile, Brittany seemed calm and collected, but she was also nervous on the inside.

Although there were "more sad times than happy times" growing up, Brittany still wanted her parents -- who both suffered from alcoholism -- to be a part of her life. Brittany therefore asked her stepfather to walk her down the aisle.

Brittany and Marcelino then exchanged personal vows in a very small, intimate ceremony. It was an exciting, emotional and beautiful moment for the couple.

Marcelino called Brittany "one in a million" and said she proved that real love exists.


Brittany was so glad prison was in her past, and she was ready to move forward in love and happiness.

In an update provided at the end of the episode, Brittany and Marcelino welcomed a healthy baby girl named Zoila. Their family is moving into a new home in Las Vegas.


Lizzie had been arrested for DUI and bribery and spent nine years behind bars.

Lizzie had been out of prison for 10 days, and Scott wasn't answering any of her calls following a big fight they had gotten into.

Scott couldn't believe Lizzie had used his credit card and spent $2,000 on clothing. He acknowledged Lizzie was using him and probably didn't even love him.

Scott then finally admitted to Lizzie he had gone through his savings and spent all of his money.

Scott said he "f-cked up" and shouldn't have given Lizzie so much money. Scott was shocked Lizzie spent so much money, and he wasn't okay with it.


"You don't have the money to help me out," Lizzie confirmed to Scott. "If you don't have no money, I don't need you."

Scott flat out said he didn't have anymore money, and then Lizzie stormed out and said, "I'm done. Bye Scott!"

Lizzie told her daughter that she cared more about the fact Scott had lied to her -- not that he was broke.

Jazmyne said Scott was "a trick" even though Lizzie wouldn't admit it to herself. Lizzie insisted she was done with Scott, and Jazmyne was grateful for that regardless of what the circumstances were.

"I really loved him. I did. I wanted to marry him. I thought he was The One, but he's not the man he said he was. In my heart, I trusted him," Lizzie told the cameras.

Lizzie later met with Scott and returned her engagement ring. She wanted a friendship with Scott to continue, but that's all, and Scott was clearly devastated because he didn't think she cared about him at all.

Lizzie wanted Scott to find another woman who could make him happy.

"I've loved two people in my life, and one was you. I'm not leaving you," Scott said.


But Lizzie told Scott "to get the heck out" and "there [was] no relationship anymore."

Scott threw Lizzie's ring into the toilet and then stormed off. Lizzie had previously told Scott that she would never leave him, so he accused her of lying and playing him.

Scott asked producers to fly him home, and he was doing everything in his power not to cry. Jazmyne was glad to find out her mother's engagement was off and her relationship with Scott was over.

"I need my family right now," Lizzie told her daughter.

It didn't take long for Lizzie to get a job in a factory and find a place to live of her own. The former stripper was glad to be independent and on her own -- not to mention she wasn't using men for money.

Lizzie and Jazmyne's relationship was also thriving, so Lizzie was happy and doing well. Lizzie said she was "succeeding" and would never go back to prison.

Lizzie felt free, and although she was struggling paycheck to paycheck, she really didn't care.

Meanwhile, Scott had moved on with a new woman named Jasmine, whom he said didn't care about money and cars.

"She's a hell of a lot of fun," Jasmine said, adding that he's kind and generous. "I think Lizzie took more than advantage of Scott."

In an update provided at the end of the episode, Scott is working to pay off his debts, and he and Jasmine are going slow and steady in their relationship. Lizzie is not pleased Scott moved on so quickly.


Matt spent two years in jail for possession of firearms and stolen property.

Caitlin was "in shock" after Matt got arrested again for possession of a stolen vehicle. Caitlin hadn't spoken to Matt about things since their big fight, and she didn't know what to expect.

"His stupidity, I can't wrap my head around it. It's just dumb!" Caitlin vented.

Matt then got in touch with Caitlin via video chat, and he hoped Caitlin was going to bail him out. She didn't know whether to continue "breaking [her] back for him to continue making messes."

Caitlin told Matt if the court needed $5,000 for bail, she simply didn't have it. Caitlin said there was a possibility he could get 20 years in prison and she wasn't going to be "a prison wife."

Caitlin's head was in so many different places as she watched Matt's court hearing on a television screen.

Caitlin was trying to keep it together the best she knew how, but Matt's bail was set for $7,500 because of his long rap sheet. She called it "a chunk of change" but didn't think it would be impossible to come up with the money.

Caitlin planned to bail him out because she loved Matt and didn't want to give up on him. She needed to figure out, however, when enough was going to be enough -- because she feared Matt was using her.

Matt thought he was going to beat the charges, and once he got released from jail, he headed to his mother's place for a new set of clothes.

Caitlin was there, but Matt didn't seem to want to talk to her. Caitlin said she was "chasing a wild toddler around" when he had been so kind, compassionate and consistent while in prison.

"If I'm going to commit myself to somebody else, I expect them to kind of do the same -- and as of lately, the only commitment Matt has made is to himself," Caitlin said in a confessional.

The pair got into a fight, and then Caitlin left him. Caitlin realized she needed to get out of the relationship and start living life for herself. She was hurt and felt she had tried everything she possibly could to make it work.

"Essentially what's happening is Matt and I are ending," Caitlin told the cameras.

Matt agreed he was done with Caitlin as well, and then she left his mother's house.

"I feel like you stopped loving me," Caitlin cried. "I gave you every f-cking thing that I had. I'm going to leave and I'm sorry that you don't care."

Matt was sad to say goodbye, but things clearly weren't working out between them. There was no way they were ready to get married, and Caitlin's idea of a fairy tale just didn't exist.

Caitlin planned to learn from her relationship, and she felt she had become a stronger woman because of her time with Matt.

In an update provided at the end of the episode, Caitlin and Matt are still broken up and he's awaiting trial. He is living with his new girlfriend.


Tracie served eight years in prison for fraudulent checks and probation violation.

Three or four weeks prior, Tracie had broken up with Clint over the phone. He later received a call from her, however, and Tracie insisted she loved Clint and wanted to make things up to him.

Clint became confident his marriage was going to work out, and he was finally able to pick her up from jail.

Clint said if Tracie messed up again, he'd be gone, but he couldn't wait to see her again and hopefully start fresh.

Tracie revealed she got released from jail due to overcrowding and had been arrested for failure to show up to a parole meeting.

Tracie was nervous to see Clint again because she had lost a lot of weight in jail and recognized Clint liked a woman with meat on her bones.

Clint and Tracie then reunited and hugged it out. Clint begged her to never leave him again for drugs or another man, and he reproposed marriage to her with the hope they'd stay together long-term.

Tracie said Clint "put up with so much," and she was just so relieved he wanted to stay married to her.

Clint then told Tracie that he loved her but she needed to gain some weight back. The couple went home together and said they had a great thing going. Clint and Tracie also planned for a special night together.

In an update provided at the end of the episode, Clint's ex-wife Haily fired Clint from his job. He's now working with his parents at a meat market, but he and Tracie hope to renew their vows soon in front of family and friends.


Sarah was driving to meet up with Megan and confront her about Michael's antics.

Megan thought Sarah was just "the baby mama," but Sarah was prepared to reveal everything -- including the fact she and Michael were still married and expecting their second child together.

When the two women finally met face to face, Sarah revealed she and Michael are married and she's pregnant again.

"What the f-ck?!" Megan vented to the cameras. "What do you mean you're pregnant with his child? We've been in a relationship for the last two years. So he's been cheating on me the whole time?"

Sarah acknowledged Michael had even picked Megan up in her own car. Sarah told Megan that she shouldn't trust Michael because she and her husband had been sleeping next to each other every single night.

Megan called Sarah "immature," and she couldn't believe it because Michael had been lying to them both.

Sarah then accused Megan of making excuses because she was "humiliated," but Megan insisted that wasn't the case. Sarah said Megan and Michael were perfect for each other because they blamed other people for their own problems.

"You got played. That's it," Sarah said.

"Well you're continuously getting played because you're still with his ass," Megan clapped back.

Sarah called Megan "the side b-tch" in this situation, the mistress, but Megan didn't seem to care.

Megan insisted she didn't know about Sarah and had no idea their relationship was still going on.

The girls, however, still went at it, and tension escalated into Sarah accusing Megan of slamming her for being white.

Megan assured Sarah that wasn't the case and it was just a matter of Sarah -- who kept yelling at her -- lacking class and being "a ho."

Megan couldn't remain calm and begged producers to fly Megan home. Megan felt stupid because Matt had led her to believe nothing was going on with Sarah, and she admittedly felt "violated."

Megan insisted she cared about Sarah's feelings and never intended to hurt her. Sarah just thought Megan lacked respect, but Megan said she lost her cool just because of the way Sarah went at her.

The women then sat down and had a normal, calm conversation in attempt to hash out their issues. Sarah said she got pregnant shortly after Michael came home from prison, and Megan couldn't believe it.

Megan told Sarah that Michael had lied to her and manipulated her. Megan was crushed because she had given Michael her virginity.

"He defiled me. He defiled us. He defiled our whole relationship," Megan said in a confessional. "How could you do that?"

Megan told Sarah that she was engaged to Michael but he never officially proposed to her. Sarah was also shocked to find out people in Michael's family knew about Megan but never told her.

Megan expressed Michael was "in for a rude awakening," and then Sarah decided to end their conversation.

"I'm very angry. I'm f-cking pissed. I'm mad! I'm mad he's not here for me to yell, but that's probably why he got locked up, because if he was here right now and I found that sh-t out, I would be the one in jail," Megan told the cameras.

"I could f-cking kill him right now, easily, and I wouldn't feel bad about it!"

Sarah then spoke to Michael on the phone and he insisted he had plans to break up with Megan. Sarah, however, hung up on Michael. Sarah didn't want to see or talk to Michael, and she insisted she was done.

After he called back, Sarah said Michael threw away his wife, his kids, and a home for another woman. Sarah said she was Michael's "best chance at survival."

Sarah told Michael he was "f-cked up" and she didn't even know how he could sleep at night. Sarah said Michael was not welcome to return to their house and she needed time to figure things out.

"I put you first for a very long time," Sarah told her husband. "F-ck you... for making me defend you [to our daughter]... You took life from me, and I've got to get it back."

Sarah said she had been married to a stranger and so it shouldn't be hard to let go of a stranger. Sarah realized she didn't need a man for love and affection because her daughter gave it all to her.

Sarah acknowledged she deserves a man who will love and respect her and that she wants a divorce.

Megan was then shown returning home with a broken heart. Her father wasn't surprised and hoped Megan would move forward with her life and find a better man.

Megan came to the epiphany Michael wasn't trying to love her; he was just trying to control her all along.

Megan said in tears thinking about Michael made her "physically sick" and they were definitely over for good.

The finale episode concluded with Michael calling Megan on the phone. She wanted answers and asked Michael if he was really married. Michael said it wasn't the right time to have such a conversation, and then she hung up on him.

Michael explained he had plans to be with Megan all along but his mind began to change after going home to spend time with Sarah and their daughter together. Michael said he regretted hurting Megan and wished he could take it all back.

Michael hoped to fix things with Megan because he still loved her.

In an update provided at the end of the episode, Megan is apparently still in touch with Michael.
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