Little Women: Dallas star Bri Barlup is reportedly expecting her second child but uncertain of the father's identity.

Barlup is pregnant but has no idea which man is her baby's biological dad, TMZ reported.

Barlup is reportedly five months along and there are two guys who could be the father, so both men will ultimately receive paternity tests.

It also remains to be seen whether the child will carry the dwarfism gene, but Barlup probably won't learn that until the baby is born.

Barlup is already mom to a three-year-old son named Malik, who is also a little person. The reality TV star welcomed her baby boy with ex-boyfriend Wooda Bowen, and the duo are reportedly trying their best to co-parent.

Barlup's first pregnancy was documented on the first season of Little Women: Atlanta on Lifetime.

Affectionately nicknamed "Left Cheek," Barlup starred on the first two seasons of the show's Atlanta spinoff before moving to Texas with her best friend Emily Fernandez.

For Season 3, Barlup and Fernandez were replaced by new cast members Samantha Ortiz and Tanya Scott.

Now that they've settled in Dallas, Barlup and her pal both currently star on Little Women: Dallas. The show debuted in November 2016. Season 1 wrapped in May 2017 and Season 2 premiered October 4 on Lifetime.

The Little Women franchise began with a series filmed in Los Angeles.