Jade Roper is sharing her birth story with fans, and she was apparently shocked by the time she went into labor.

In a 23-minute video blog filmed by her husband Tanner Tolbert, Jade opened up about the day she welcomed their first child, daughter Emerson Avery, who is now seven-weeks-old.

When Jade was 36 weeks pregnant with her baby girl, she recalls waking up at 3AM the morning her water broke.

"I was soaked... I was kind of panicked, Tanner was sleeping, I didn't want to wake him up because I didn't want to panic him. So I started a bath, got in the water, and I immediately started having contractions... they were like four to five minutes apart... They were pretty intense," Jade, 30, revealed.

"I was using a midwife and I wasn't allowed to deliver at the birth center at 36 weeks. Thirty-seven was the starting point. If you're before, I was going to have to deliver at the hospital and that was one thing I did not want to do."

After about an hour of contractions, Jade woke Tanner up, but he didn't really believe she was in labor because the baby's due date was still a month away. Tanner therefore advised his wife to grab something to eat from the kitchen. She did as Tanner suggested, but the mom-to-be knew it was time.

"I remember I crawled next to [Tanner] in bed and cuddled up next to him and just started crying. I was like, 'I don't want it to happen yet. I'm not ready,'" she recalled.

Tanner explained the nursery wasn't fully ready and the couple didn't even have a bag packed, but regardless, they made their way to the birth center. Staff confirmed at the center Jade's water had broken, and then the pair rushed to the hospital -- a trip of which Jade has very little memory.

"My labor was really quick... By the time I entered the bath, I think I was about seven [centimeters dilated]," Jade shared.

Four hours had elapsed by the time Jade got into the bath tub, and Tanner, 30, was supporting her the whole time.

"I had a really crazy intense labor in the water... I just remember it was a lot more pain than I expected. I think they call it 'labor land,' where you just kind of go into this zone. You turn internal and you feel your body and you're just trying to, like, wait for that moment of relief... that moment to relax," Jade shared.

"But I never fully got that because my [contractions] were so close together the whole time I was laboring."

Jade admitted she got really sick and nauseous when Tanner began eating a sausage breakfast sandwich from McDonald's and she joked about really wanting to hurt him.

Jade's midwife was able to join her at the hospital and help her breathe and moan to ease some pain. Jade was then switched to a bed, where she delivered her baby girl.

"That's when the pushing happened and it felt really right to push. I could feel the transition, and that's when I was like, 'Oh my God this is happening; I don't know if I can do this,'" she confessed.

Tanner said the "really heavy activity" lasted for about an hour.

"I will never forget the feeling of the baby's head come into the birth canal. Because it is the most intense pressure but it's the coolest feeling," Jade explained.

"I was definitely someone who had a lot of pain. Some women who do it natural have these quiet, peaceful births, which I would still like to achieve some time... I had a lot of fears and fear kind of heightens pain. I was probably scaring the people down the hallway because I was screaming."

"There was one point where I understood why women get drugs... but I'm so glad I actually got through it," she added.

Tanner participated in pulling the baby out, and Emerson arrived perfect and healthy weighing eight pounds and six ounces.

"It was the most beautiful pain ever," Jade noted. "When I held her, I was crying... My whole body and legs were shaking like crazy... I had nothing left... I had to get a stitch. I did tear a little bit."

Although the baby's birth came unexpectedly early, the couple revealed it was a huge blessing in disguise because the umbilical cord was knotted and "could have cut off all nutrients to Emerson and she would've died."

Jade concluded it was a "whirlwind" seven-hour labor experience.