Laurel Johnson is trying to win the $1 million grand prize on Survivor: Ghost Island.

Laurel is a 29-year-old financial consultant who currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. She previously lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Laurel has played a pretty under-the-radar game so far on Survivor's 36th edition, but viewers finally received some insight into her personality when she had a conversation with Chris Noble, a castaway who is rubbing most of his tribemates the wrong way.

As Chris spoke about being a model, Laurel joked to the cameras about how she couldn't stand his gloating. However, Laurel insisted she's good with people and they tend to feel comfortable around her.

Laurel also suggested she's a bit of a chameleon in that she can find something in common with everyone and get along with a wide variety of people. She is playing a great social game and appears to have many allies, but fans are probably hoping to see Laurel step into the forefront and make some big moves once the merge comes.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Laurel Johnson:

- One of Laurel's biggest accomplishments was winning her college volleyball team's division championship.

- Laurel, who considers herself focused and calculated, will try to avoid people who are incompetent and indecisive. Open-mouth chewers are also one of her pet peeves.

- If the castaway could have brought three items on the island with her, she would have chosen a crossword puzzle book to keep her mind sharp and keep her sane, a camera to capture every single moment, and a self-addressed envelope so there would be no confusion as to where to send the million-dollar check.

- Laurel graduated from an Ivy League college, Yale University.

- She loves fantasy football and pepperoni pizza. Laurel also adores her Bernese Mountain Dog named Brady.
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