Wendell Holland is a castaway on Survivor's 36th season, Survivor: Ghost Island, which is currently airing on CBS.

Wendell is a 33-year-old furniture company owner from Philadelphia, PA.

Wendell seems to be a physically strong, social and strategic player. Not only has he led his tribes to victory in challenges, but he has also been shown forming tight bonds with several castaways, including the influential Domenick Abbate.

Wendell worried he had alienated himself from some people due to the Domenick vs. Chris Noble rivalry. He also once attempted to vote out one of his own, Angela Perkins, an original Naviti member.

But his ability to read people and relate to them has kept him safe. For example, after a tribal swap, Wendell gifted Sebastian Noel -- who was close with Chris -- a beautiful conch shell that "Sea Bass" had picked out but left behind on their previous beach.

Wendell also found himself a hidden Immunity Idol, so he'll be in great shape once the merge comes if all goes according to his plan. Until viewers find out what happens next, let's learn more about this castaway.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Wendell Holland:

- He loves playing basketball, traveling, and creating something from nothing.

- Wendell can't stand to be around people who aren't open-minded despite facts, logic or new information presented to them. He also cringes when people overuse the word "honestly" as well as not being in control of his destiny.

- The castaway considers himself witty, intelligent, competitive, good with people, likable, diplomatic, persuasive and athletic.

- Wendell's inspiration in life is his family, and he would do anything to make their lives better.

- If he could bring three things on the island with him, Wendell would have chosen a brush to take care of his beard and "fro," a chainsaw for building things quickly and efficiently, and a sketchbook so he could doodle, draw and write.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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