Chelsea Townsend is currently competing on Survivor: Ghost Island, the franchise's 36th season, on CBS.

Chelsea is a 24-year-old EMT and former professional cheerleader from Salt Lake City, UT, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Chelsea has received a quiet edit so far on Survivor: Ghost Island, but as previews show for the next episode, she will make the merge.

Chelsea found herself in the middle of an original Naviti vs. original Malolo alliance in the latest episode of Survivor when Bradley Kleihege was voted out.

Chelsea had a big decision to make, as she and Bradley began the game on the same tribe, but she decided to flip with Domenick Abbate and help to take the law student out instead of her pal Libby Vincek.

During a recent exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Bradley said Chelsea lacked passion in the game and didn't come across as genuine, but she's still playing for the $1 million and viewers will soon find out what happens next. In the meantime, let's learn more about this beauty.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Chelsea Townsend:

- Chelsea worked as a medical assistant for a surgical clinic and is also a former NBA and NFL cheerleader.

Not only was she featured in a Sunday night football commercial starring Carrie Underwood ahead of the Super Bowl in 2018, but she also cheered for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Rams.

- She is a dog mom to Rhona, a sweet black and white German and Aussie mix.

- Chelsea enjoys hiking and camping, but she doesn't want to be around people who are pessimistic or have a negative energy.

- The castaway's personal claim to fame was graduating college with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Utah. She grew as a person and learned a lot about dedication and self-motivation.

- In late March, Chelsea got accepted into the Physician Assistant program at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. She called her acceptance "a dream come true."
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.