Desiree Afuye is hoping to win the $1 million grand prize on Survivor: Ghost Island.

Desiree is a 21-year-old student from New Jersey who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and she's competing on Survivor's 36th edition.

Desiree received a quiet edit for the first quarter of the game, but then she stepped up as "the caller" in the latest Immunity Challenge.

Survivor host Jeff Probst said a caller typically ends up being a hero or a goat, and unfortunately for Desiree, she lost the challenge for her tribe. Desiree was hoping to prove herself following the season's second tribal swap, but instead, she became a target.

However, Desiree is luckily an original Naviti tribe member. Given Naviti wanted to stay strong, she landed on the right side of the numbers and James Lim -- an original Malolo castaway -- was sent packing. Desiree has found herself in a favorable position, but will she keep this momentum going and ultimately redeem herself?

Until viewers find out what happens next for Desiree on Survivor, let's learn more about her.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Desiree Afuye:

- Desiree's hobbies include traveling, debating, and binge-watching YouTube videos.

- She lives in a house of eight girls, so she knows how to deal with different versions of crazy as well as varying personalities all at once.

She has become a pro at settling issues and running house meetings, so the experience has made her more sociable, likeable and adaptable.

- Desiree played basketball for most of high school. She considers herself to be an athletic, strong black woman.

- The castaway is putting herself through school with grants and academic scholarships while her parents are in Nigeria.

- Desiree's inspiration in life is Beyonce because she works so hard and is constantly topping herself.
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Desiree believes Beyonce set the standard for every performer, and only she would have Adele and Kanye West onstage defending her when she didn't win an award. The castaway calls Beyonce "super human."

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