The youngest Kardashian is ready to get hitched and expects boyfriend Tyga to propose on her 18th birthday, Hollywood Life reports.

Kylie Jenner, 17, recently appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue, where she discussed her desire to move out quickly and eventually start a family.

"I'm moving out when I turn 18. I'm ready to live on my own. It's a really bit step, but I'm ready," the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star told the magazine. What she allegedly doesn't divulge is that she intends to move in with 25-year-old boyfriend, Tyga, after she comes of age.

"Kylie and Tyga are trying to do everything politically correct before she turns 18," a source told Hollywood Life. "But you can be sure as soon as it's her birthday she and Tyga will move in together officially."

The site also reported this week that the reality TV star and influencer hopes to become engaged to boyfriend Tyga very soon.

She tells Teen Vogue, "It's fun being an aunt. When I look to the far future and decide to have kids, I need to have a million girls. Ten years from now -- in 2025 -- I hope I have a kid."

Will it be with Tyga? Only time will tell.