Kris Jenner says her daughter Kim Kardashian did not profit from her wedding to Kris Humphries and speculation that the marriage was a sham to make money is false. 
"The one thing that is the most annoying is the rumor that she made millions off of this wedding and she didn't make a dime off of this wedding," Jenner said during an interview with Phoenix's Johnjay and Rich radio show.

"She actually spent millions of dollars on the wedding, so it's not something that she thought would not be happily-ever-after."
Jenner said quick divorces are not rare amongst married couples today, and Kardashian's situation -- in which she filed for divorce from Humphries after 72 days, citing irreconcilable differences -- has been sensationalized only because she is a celebrity.
"I think that she's not the first person in the world to get a divorce or to have something like this happen, and she won't be the last. She just happens to be a very public person with a couple of television shows on the air, so it makes it bigger than life," the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star added.

Jenner elaborated further about her frustration with reports that Kardashian made money from her wedding -- a late August ceremony which took place in front of 450 guests at a private estate in Montecito, CA, and aired last month as a two-part special on E! -- during an additional interview with Sirius XM's Sway in the Morning radio show, according to MTV News.

"The misconception that's so annoying in the media and the press is that the wedding was a sham and she did it for the money. Kim didn't make any money off of this wedding, no. She didn't make five cents off of the wedding," Jenner reportedly said.

"She spent millions of dollars of her own money on a wedding. Our network was very generous and filmed the show and obviously gave her a salary -- all of us -- our shooting fees and all that, but it's not like we walked away with millions of dollars jingling in our pockets, absolutely not... It's tough when you have all the haters who have these licenses to say whatever they want and people don't know the facts... And people don't know the facts. So get your facts straight, people, before you start judging."