Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's car was broken into while parked outside of their Bel Air mansion. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, authorities were notified of a motor vehicle theft around 5AM on Friday morning, and a witness saw two suspects lurking around the famous couple's property, E! News reported.

The witness reportedly saw one suspect enter and exit a vehicle before fleeing, while the second suspect was hiding in bushes before running away as well.

The LAPD confirmed the first suspect stole personal items from the car, but since this is an ongoing investigation, no additional information about the burglary is currently available.

A source told E! News that one of the suspects unsuccessfully attempted to steal a cell phone.

"Nothing of Kim or Kanye's was taken. Their security handled it. The guy didn't even make it past the driveway. He was startled by their security, and dropped the phone he was trying to take," the source recalled.

Insiders close to the situation informed TMZ that one of the suspects had broken into three cars that morning located at the end of Kim and Kanye's driveway; however, the suspect reportedly got spooked upon seeing the heavily-armed security team.

Kim and Kanye's security guards became licensed to carry guns in case an intruder invades the couple's gated property after the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was robbed in Paris.

In early October 2016, the mother of two was bound and gagged in her hotel room and robbed of about $10 million worth of jewelry, including her engagement ring from the rapper.

Everything appears to be fine now, as Kim took to Snapchat to document her workout at 6:45AM on Friday morning, less than two hours after the incident.

Just one day earlier, former American Idol judge Mariah Carey's Los Angeles mansion was reportedly robbed, and thieves took off with $50,000 worth of handbags and sunglasses.